The common criticisms that most people have in video games is that it can desensitize children to violence, causing them to be more aggressive and develop an anti-social behavior in the real world. Video gaming has been a subject of controversy in psychology for years, it has been subject to studies showing a reduction of the brain’s response to violence. While this is alarming, it still comes down to responsible parenting and views towards the video game. Parental intervention also plays a part, such as restricting children to access games that are strictly for mature adults.

This article is geared towards the proven and often overlooked benefits of video games that can be helpful to individuals.

It slows down the aging process

Video games involving problem-solving, puzzles and memory components are proven to have a positive effect on older players. Study shows that as little as just 10 hours of play led to increased cognitive functioning in players aged 50 and older, something that is considered an improvement that lasted for many years. Strategic video games like Hello Neighbor is a good way to start because it covers puzzle solving as well as developing a strategy, you can click this over here now to start the download.

Could improve vision

This may sound silly considering the nature of computer games, it has bad natural effects on people’s eyes. This stems from the common parental refrain without a solid scientific explanation to back it up. In recent studies, it shows that playing games in moderation may improve vision. In one study, participants try to play games using their “lazy” eye, with the good one covered. Surprisingly, those players showed improvement in the affected eye.

Video games can improve problem-solving

The moderate playing of video games can develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These skills play an important role in dealing with everyday life, may it be at work or in school. In a study, it was found that real-time strategy games can improve “cognitive flexibility”.

It is important to choose the games that are beneficial in your brain, types like puzzle-based and strategy games are good games for improving problem-solving, because these games almost always require some strategy and planning to get through the next stage, just like hello neighbor free download.

They help reduce stress and pain

This benefit of playing video games is often overlooked by many for no reason at all. Perhaps this is one of the most common purposes of video games, to relax and take away all the stress that we have for work or school. Imagine coming home from a long day, and we unwind and chill with our joystick in our hands playing our favorite video game.

It is a proven fact that even the idea of video games alone can decrease stress and improve the overall mood at the moment. It is even used to distract medical patients from the necessary pain.

Overcoming different problems, solving issues and obstacles are things that are found in a video game. This can help you test your brain and learn those things. However, make sure to always remember that video games are for fun so better not take it seriously. The last thing you want to do is to get completely lost in the game to the point where you disregard other real-life responsibilities.

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