Martial Arts schools have become quite popular according to ORM services. Ever since MMA has exploded within the mainstream circle; many children and adults were extremely interested in learning how to fight either for competitive reasons or for a way to stay in shape. However, a new type of school opened up but doesn’t support MMA culture; it was a ninja school. This school is associated to the ninja brotherhood from japan who have been in practice for many centuries. There is one master who has been the master of ninja for over a five decades now and the only way to become the master is by killing him. Before we jump to achieving master status, let us see on how can a small school attract a number of students to survive in North America. They utilized the services of ORM services to publicize the school on social media but they also place a small warning how it is very dangerous and it’s not your average martial arts school. This place will test the limits of any person who dares to enter this brotherhood. The first class, the sensei instructs the students about chi energy and how it can be spread around the body to reduce the pain of any impact. Then he allows another sensei to kick him straight in his testicles to demonstrate on how to spread the pain around your body. After the demonstration, he looked fine and he proved he didn’t wear a cup and asked a new member to kick him in the same spot. The same effect, nothing happened; the sensei readjusted his crotch area and was fine. This was recorded and uploaded on social media to try and attract more people to the school; which it did and it worked quite too well. Many people signed up after video that they needed to create more time slots for the school.

The ninja school wasn’t easy and ORM services was aware on how brutal it was since it had a huge dropout rate. Ten people would join and six or seven would quite within a month. The people who stayed were the ones attracting others to join by demonstrating their moves they learned in class. These students were becoming very skilled and some even started to do local MMA matches. In China around 1930, many people would challenge other masters or warriors in order to promote their knowledge of martial arts. The MMA matches were quite a joke to the high level ninja students. ORM used this as a way to promote the school by releasing videos on social media about the MMA matches the students entered.

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