Petroleum Wholesale LP is a privately owned motor fuel distributor which promises to offer customers with quality fuel at great prices. The company offers branded fuel and other retail products such as top quality cigars, discount groceries, hardware, apparel, auto parts and fast food all under one spot. However, before opting for branded fuel, it is essential to know what it is actually. Many drivers opt to purchase no-name gasoline at discount outlets and warehouse stores in order to save a few cents per gallon, but in the long run their costs may be higher. The reason is simple; the unbranded fuels are simply not as good as brand-name fuels. The car’s maintenance costs will be higher. The branded fuel includes the additives that are intended to inhibit erosion in fuel systems, to decrease emissions, to enhance ignition, and to eliminate harmful deposits.

Refill fuel

Some of the common additives that are used in the branded fuel are listed below:

  • Nitrogen: It helps in removing dangerous carbon deposits in combustion compartments and on intake and exhaust valves.
  • Metyhyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE): It reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions by oxygenating the fuel in the car’s exhaust.
  • Acetone: This helps in increasing the car’s mileage.
  • VEKTRON 3000. (TM) : It improves an auto’s acceleration by eliminating harmful deposits
  • Combustion catalysts: It helps in lowering the ignition point of motor fuels to increase efficacy and performance.
  • Techron (TM): It helps to get rid of the deposits from fuel injection systems, thus endorsing engine performance.

Petroleum Wholesale LP represents some of the recognized brands such as Gulf, Chevron, Texaco, Phillips 66, and Conoco. The relationship between supplier and the company is special, with the station apparently relishing the worth of increased traffic fascinated by the familiar brand name, in return for buying its fuel from the brand owner at prices fixed by the supplier. Usually, the retailer is needed to purchase the branded fuel irrespective of cost. The branded fuel is highly trusted by the customers and this is why the consumers are ready to spend an extra dollar to get the best quality fuel for the vehicle.

Apart from selling the branded fuel, Petroleum Wholesale LP has established a unique retail concept, for the customers. This is named as Main Street Market, which offers various retail products such as auto parts, discount groceries, premium cigars, hardware, fast food and apparel. This helps the clients to do the shopping of the daily household requirements while the vehicle is getting refueled. The company offers funding for a privately owned animal rescue and adoption service which rescues abused, neglected and abandoned animals. With the launch of the brand new app in Google Play and Apple App Store the company allows the customers to get special entree to store specials, a trip planner, real time fuel prices, location finder etc.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that when planning to get the vehicle refueled, one should only opt for the branded fuel over the unbranded ones.

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