Learning guitar online has become a rampant practice in the present times, there are many who avail of this way of learning to play a musical instrument because of the various advantages that it has to offer. There are many accredited schools online who impart this kind of training; a mention worthy company here is the Tom Hess Music Corporation.

Whether it is to satisfy your personal pleasure of learning an art, or whether you want to take it up professionally, you are free to access these online training schools, which will help with the same kind of training that you would get if you had physically enrolled in their music classes. You could even get certificates from these institutes for the performing arts, at master, professional and specialist levels.

The specialist certificate that can be availed through these online training takes upto nine credit hours to complete. The student can either choose to learn guitar skills or to play blues, jazz or rock guitar. Irrespective of which course you select, you get to learn chords, genres, guitar vocabulary as well as the various parts of a guitar.

The professional certificate can also be easily acquired by putting in 15 course credits. This particular certificate allows the student to pursue the playing of guitar professionally. The student pursuing this course learns things like the rock guitar, blues guitar, and the basic guitar along with the rock rhythm. The scales, harmony, technique and chords are all learnt well through the course of this certificate.

The master certificate courses of online guitar classes can only be got after taking approximately 24 credit hours. Since this is the course that ushers the learner into taking guitar playing as a career; song writing, techniques, scales and chords, production, harmonies, melodies, etc are all taught through this course. Depending on their goals the students can choose to focus on any one of the things taught here.

The Tom Hess Music Corporation that imparts online guitar lessons says that even if someone does not take it up professionally, they could also become tutors of guitar lessons themselves or take up some other job related to this in the future. This company is headed by Tom Hess who has the acclaim of having taught at the National Guitar Workshop. He even started an electric guitar program at the Harper College situated in Illinois.

Many of Tom’s students have become successful music teachers and professional musicians at various places. He has received degrees in both music theory as well as composition. His company has recently partnered with one of the members of Rhapsody of Fire, of which Tom himself was a member earlier. He is also a well known figure as a recording artist, a mentor to musicians and an online guitar tutor.

All these credits of Tom Hess have made his company one of the most reliable and convenient companies who impart online guitar training. So, if you too are keen on learning the guitar, this is the company you should register with and become a great guitarist!

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