When Gilmore Girls was telecasted, everyone fell in love with Stars Hollow, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore and their rooms, which become the fans’ ultimate life goals. An organized chaos of books in every corner of room, that Harvard corner and that later turned into Yale’s corner and the color theme and also their grandparents’ lavish mansion, the places looked vintage and modern at the same time and everything about them was worth admiring.

Well, you don’t need to drool over your laptop screens, you too can give your room the same vintage look. As they say, “Home is where your story begins”, so bring out your mumma’s collectibles and get ready to refurbish your room. Below are some vintage décor ideas you can use to add a vintage soul to your room:

A Wooden Pallet for shelf

Notch up the quotient of your room by adding some natural elements into it. Put small flowerpots to bring in the positive energy. If you’re thinking where to keep them, we have a solution. Go for wooden pallet. Not only you can keep flower pots but also decorate it with your photographs. As they say, ‘become one with nature’, placing the pallet on the wall near the dining table would give an outdoor feel within a room.

Silver Candlesticks

No, you won’t need the expensive metal to decorate your dining table or study table for that matter. Perplexed? Just dig out those unused silver funnels your mother used to pour phenol into the bottles. Invert the funnels on a beautiful tray and insert the candle into the hole. Keep it on you study table and illuminate the space with its brightness.

Cabinet like a travelling bag

Want a quirky cabinet to keep your things? Why not make your suitcase one. A conventional large sized suitcase might no longer serve as your travelling companion but it can still store your things. You can style it by tagging your plane tickets and check out tag of the airport on your suitcase. So, stack up!

Antique Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is the most important component of a room. With an ability to distribute air in equal proportion, it becomes a significant object in our lives. Many people don’t like ceiling fans because of their bland looks. Well, creativity is human being’s endeavor. If you want your ceiling fan to look as beautiful as your room is, then either paint it or buy a ceiling fan online bearing a unique design. The best option would be to go for antique ceiling fans. Antique ceiling fans comes in a variety of designs such as carved fans or the fans with attached lights and resembling the look of a chandelier. You simply have to find the right choice for your cozy room.

Spare Wooden Slab? We’ve got an idea

Want a holder but does not want it to look mundane? Well, we have a perfect idea for you. Got some spare wooden slab. Use it make a beautiful holder. Place it near a wall with the help of a rope. You can keep your things on it by placing them inside a jar that you can decorate according to your tastes. You can also stack up your files or books on it.

As they say, “Old things are better than new things as they got stories in them”, even the act of creating them by using multiple unused objects is in itself a story. So, let your room tell a tale like it has never done before.


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