Did you decide to start a new business? Wondering what all kind of registration and licenses are required? Then surely this beginner’s guide will help you to get the answer to all your questions. The first and most important question that comes to a person mind, how to provide a brand value to your new startup? And registration of your new business is the answer to this question; it is the most important step while setting your new business. As a new business, registration gives identity to your business and makes your brand exclusive.

But before business registration, it is necessary that your business structure is ready. You have a clear concise picture of the best structure for your business. After deciding the structure another important step is choosing a name for your commerce. The business name should be catchy that attract people. While selecting a name, it should be kept in mind that the name is falling under the rules and regulations. A perfect name lessens the chances of rejection of your new business registration.  Another necessary step is to register your company under corporation act or companies act. For filling an application for business registration you should complete the following things:

  • A clear structure of the company (public, private or sole proprietor)
  • Name of your business
  • Registered office address
  • One should have all the necessary documents which show compliance with the Companies Act.

This is the list of some mandatory documents required to complete the business registration. The registration is complete only after the submission of all necessary documents with the registration fee. For a successful business, an entrepreneur should also have all the permits, licensing and zoning permission. And with all these permissions, now in the age of digitalization a domain name is also important. A registered domain or website helps people to identify your business online. There are many services which help in registering as well as marketing your business. A professional website of your company with a registered address on it gives more credibility to your startup.

A new business registration gives you many benefits. Now, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of trademarking. The best benefit is that you get an improved tax structure and tax benefits for your business. Business registration gives protection to your assets, stocks, bonds and improved investment opportunities. It gives your business a legal right to some of the common threats. Like after getting a patent logo and trademark no one copy it. You will get a legal right file complaint against such duplicators. This will increase the value of company among the customers. Another advantage is that you get access to bigger markets. You can play as a key player in the market as you are legalised.

As you are accredited your prospective clients see you as a professional and this will increase your value at national and after that to the global level. Apart from these benefits, a legal business has many more benefits. Though some benefits you get early and other in the longer run of your business.


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