Athletes and bodybuilders often use testosterone to increase their stamina and energy, so that they are able to achieve greater muscle gains by working out longer. However, the intake of large amounts of free testosterone results in numerous side effects that is often unwanted. For example, androgenic testosterone supplements often results in aromatization of free testosterone to estrogen, which can result in estrogen-related complications such as gynecomastia! To avoid such problems, many bodybuilders who are advanced testosterone users, shift to consuming nanoparticulated testosterone that acts as a prohormone. It provides all the benefits of testosterone and acts as a base for the activation of Methyl-1-testosterone, which is a fast-releasing, more active form of testosterone. However, it cuts down on the side-effects and does not produce almost any of them, except one or two generic ones that are associated with any anabolic steroid drugs. As a highly developed prohormone, Nano-1-testosterone is a widely accepted and opted for hormone supplement, favored by bodybuilders and athletes alike. However, it is very important to maintain a regular Nano-1-testosterone cycle log and intermittent breaks as required, for the drug to work effectively.

How is Nano-1-testosterone better than free testosterone injections?

Nano-1-testosterone is basically a chemically engineered complex containing testosterone as the parent molecule and the primary hormone that is transferred to the blood stream. However, it is better than stock testosterone in injectable liquid form in that the entire molecule is nanoparticulated. In this process, Nano-crystals are combined with the parent molecule to increase its potency and reduce risks of side effects. The greatest benefit of Nano-1-T is in terms of the time required to release the parent molecule – i.e. the free testosterone. Users and researchers have unanimously agreed upon the fact that Nano-crystals help in quick and easy release of the hormone testosterone, in order for it to start functioning promptly.

Nano-1-T is a highly anabolic and androgen-friendly molecule, even when it is not metabolized – this allows the complex to start working almost as soon as it is injected. The hormone released via this process is very potent, thus reducing the Nano-1-testosterone cycle log for users. Also, the nanoparticulation process has dramatically increased the biological availability of 1-testosterone from a mere 2-3%, to a whopping 10%, once the process came to be known. This reduced the amount of dosage required by users per day significantly, thus effectively reducing the cycle time to an acceptable upper limit in no time! You will get that much coveted ripped yet bulked up look in a few months with Nano-1-T administered. This happens because your muscles will increase in size and mass without retaining even minimal volumes of water.

The side effects of Nano-1-testosterone

Nano-1-testosterone is famed for having removed the side effects of free testosterone massively. However, there are enough chances that athletes or bodybuilders might have a reduced recovery time and feel a fair degree of lethargy after completing a workout session. Also, like other anabolic steroids, it might cause a noticeable increase in blood pressure as well as LDL Cholesterol, while reducing HDL Cholesterol in the blood stream.

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