I could hear the footsteps outside my room. Some activity going on.. Suddenly I heard loud thumping on the door. It’s happening!!  It’s happening!! Brother get up. What’s happening? Am I dreaming ? No the thumping was real. I got off from my bed and opened the door. What a crazy sight.. I saw my siblings and their friends standing outside wearing IPL T-shirts. I was really furious. Why are you guys here? The IPL is happening !! was the answer. My god at this time of pandemic how was this possible? Suddenly Raghav extended his hand and  gave me a parcel. This is for you bro.. I opened it. To my surprise it was an IPL T-shirt of my favourite club! I thanked him. All these eight guys were wearing different coloured IPL T-shirt of their favourite team. What a sight! These guys made my day. I got my best wardrobe collection. An IPL T-shirt. This was a dream come true.

I decided to switch on the television to view the latest in news and also wanted to find out how at this time of Covid -19 pandemic such mammoth tournament was taking place. I told the boys to sit with me and cheer for my favourite club The Kolkata Knight Riders. Some of them were reluctant watch the match as it was their favourite team that was playing. It was my team Kolkata Knight Riders! Yes, It was the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians.

To my surprise, and to the dismay of the young boys with me , there were no crowds. There was a big void somewhere. There was no Mexican wave, no playing drums and no waving of IPL T-shirts could be seen or heard. Yes, what could be heard was some cheering at the back drop after a four or a six was hit! But where was the crowd? The pandemic had brought in many restrictions and one such was limited number of gathering and social distancing. Kim asked, “ Why these players are not wearing any masks”? I had to tell the boys about Bio Bubble wherein all the players and officials have to enter the safe area after testing negative for Covid -19. This is a safe environment away from the world to ensure that the players and officials are away to be impacted by Covid-19 virus. We were all happy to see our players wearing IPL T-shirt and especially My favourite team in Kolkata Knight Rider T-Shirt!

My guests those were watching the match were getting charged up when they saw some sixes and fours being hit and even waved their extra IPL T shirt that they were carrying with them. Bro who’ll win this match ? was a constant and nagging question being asked. I told them to wait and watch till the end. I also told them to pray for the safety of the players and to be thankful for them that they had come out and played for fans like us. These boys seriously prayed and thanked. the almighty. As youngsters and dedicated cricket fans their Josh was too high for words and these guys kept waving and cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders and sat till the end of the game. I cheered and waved my IPL T-shirt , my Kolkata Knight Riders T-shirt for every run scored. But alas! At the end Kolkata Knight Riders lost. We all were very disappointed.

Finally to keep the spirits high I thought of asking these boys about the IPL tournament their favourite teams , and also about the official IPL T-shirts.

Raghav knew a lot about the tournament. He said that the tournament started in the  year 2007 and this was the 13th year for the Indian Premier League 2020. For him it’s a double round robin and knockout tournament where each team has to play the other team . The other guys waited for their turns and told about their respective team and their official IPL T-shirt.

Gaurav told that the official IPL T-shirt for Rajasthan Royals have a combination of pink and blue colours and that the team’s logo is printed in white colour.

Gaurav was deeply motivated by  Steven Smith ,the captain of Rajasthan Royals .

Peter was convinced about the Chennai Super Kings victory at the end of tournament. According to him with M.S. Dhoni as the captain Chennai Super Kings could never loose. The IPL T-shirt of Chennai Super Kings is manufactured by Seven. This IPL T-shirt is yellow in colour with the names of the sponsors printed in blue text.

Ranjit’s IPL T-shirt for Delhi Capitals is majorly dark blue with red borders. One can see the shine on Ranjit’s eyes when we all spoke about Shreyas Iyer , the captain of Delhi capitals. Ranjit was donning the same IPL T-shirt of his favourite team the Delhi Capitals.

The classic pink and white jersey is retained by King XI Punjab  as their official IPL T-shirt and Ajit was wearing the same IPL T-shirt. He boasted of K.L. Rahul as the captain of King XI Punjab. He said “ he was deeply in love with Priety Zinta” the owner of King XI Punjab.

 It was my turn to show off the most expensive IPL T- shirt of my favourite team the Kolkata Knight Riders. I had the same  purple and black coloured IPL T-shirt. I found the players donning the Kolkata Knight Rider T shirt looked very elegant and smart and especially their captain Dinesh Kartik.

Ajay the biggest fan of Mumbai Indians showed his IPL T-shirt of Mumbai Indians which had blue and gold colour. This T-shirt was given to him by his father. The captain of the team is Rohit Sharma and the Ajay almost worshipped Rohit Sharma. Always had his picture in his pocket.

Virat Kohli and his boys had Red and black IPL T-shirt for  their team Royal Challengers Banglore. Vijay knew about the official sponsors as Valvolin, Zomato, Zeven, Dominos etc. and the official kit manufacturer is Zeven.

Finally, Thomas showed off The official IPL T-shirt for Sunrisers Hyderabad for 2020 as Orange and black colour. He often waved his IPL T-shirt as and when he saw the match or any IPL match as a matter of fact.

Kolkata Knight Rider T- shirt

Even after seeing my team Kolkata Knight Rider losing against Mumbai Indians, my ider enthusiasm never got reduced. I still Chanted Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo and waived my IPL T-Shirt, my Kolkata Knight Rider T-shirt with full Josh!!.

The purple and black Kolkata Knight Rider T-shirt was worn by me as the fan and also worn by the players of my favourite team Kolkata Knight Riders led by Dinesh Kartik

For me and many such fans like me

North ,South, East or West

Kolkota Knight Rider is the best!

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