Artificial grass is also known as artificial turf whose surface is made of synthetic fibers and after it gets ready it looks real and very similar to natural grass. Sometimes it becomes confusing for many to identify that it is a false grass or natural grass. These types of grasses are mainly used in many TV shows and films etc. it is also used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. Installing artificial grass is very easy; just you need an expert who will help you do the work step by step on how to install these grasses. These grasses are in high demand nowadays as it is being used on residential lawns of many homeowners and also on commercial applications as well. One most important point about artificial grass is it needs high maintenance than compared to natural grass.

These turfs are used heavily for example in sports and so it requires no irrigation or trimming as in case of natural grass. Stadiums are of many kinds like some are open but others are domed, covered and partially covered which needs artificial grass. In these stadiums there is less possibility of sunlight to enter the ground thus the natural growing grass will not grow healthy and will die, that’s the reason why artificial grass are more useful in these areas. Though artificial grasses are useful but carries some drawbacks too like it has limited life, periodic cleaning required, petroleum use, toxic chemicals from infill, and heightened health along with safety concerns too. Thus if you buy artificial grass these are the drawbacks you have to face. But alike all these points installing artificial grass are very easy and just need some tools to do the job. Types of tools required are turf & artificial grass, digging tools, building sand, craft knife, club hammer, weed control fabric, jointing tape, brush and protective gloves to protect your hand from any kind of injury.

Before ordering artificial grass prepare your garden so that it can set easily and quickly. Steps are as below:-

  • Firstly remove existing turf:- Remove all the old turf from your garden to make space for new. Hire a turf cutter to do the job.
  • Add a base layer of sand:- After cutting done spread sand to a depth of 35mm as a base to the artificial turf.
  • Surface leveling:- Level the sand nicely and smooth the sand down.
  • Add a membrane layer:- A weed membrane is needed to be rolled out over the top of the sand perfectly by measuring.
  • Final step:- Now you are ready to apply your new artificial turf.

Steps to lay artificial turf

  • First roll out the artificial grass to the desired area needed to be covered but check the end point of the grass rolls which needs to be staggered so that they don’t end in a line. After done cut the edges of artificial grass rolls with the help of knife.
  • Next step is joining the artificial grass which is very important and should be done carefully. You need to make sure whether the grass rolls are laid in the same direction or not and the blades of grass all point the way.
  • After all this fixing is needed so fix rolls together by the help of glue and jointing tape. Keep the rough side up and spread along with join surface.
  • Create a seamless effect and use pins to fix down roll edges by using ground pins every 20 cm.
  • Lastly make your lawn look neat by brushing the grass pile.

Installing artificial grass can be performed very easily by the help of tools and experts. It carries many benefits so it is a very useful thing.

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