If you are the one who have been making use of the sports supplement of nutrition for large amount of time, then you are aware probably of its limitations. The over the counter steroid are certainly the ones which can offer you great and fast results, but off course then don’t work like a miracle. That is, only if you are able in getting hold of some. In these days, lot number of fitness buffs is visiting vitamin shoppe, Walmart, GNC and asking staff that they can offer them some of the medications that do not need a prescription and are legal for sale.

Most of these supplements are considered closest thing to all steroids. After casual survey of large number of places, it has been found that when one is asked about the legality over counter steroids, most employees just states plainly that they have not got anything of such kinds. Those who were also unsure they have to check with managers around. after all these things, careful walk through these stores made things clear much unless they were the ones that were hiding illegal steroid in back room. There is one more question as why some of the stores as GNC don’t sell these over the counter steroids?


The answer is quite simple as GNC don’t sell steroids because they can be legally sold without prescription from doctor and GNC are not pharmacy. Additionally, if they were a type of pharmacy, these stores as GNC will not be able in selling the anabolic steroids as such drugs are banned in US since the year 2001. As you also might suspect, there are some wide number of products that are available and market as over counter steroid alternatives. Being clear, they are not steroids and you must have a look on the list of the medications that do not need a prescription.

Mass gainers, amino acids

Most of all these supplements present around are simple mass gainers, amino acids and protein shakes. Many of the companies around which produces such product perform great job at the marketing level and sell them as legal anabolic steroids. The examples of some of the supplements that GNC calls as closest thing to all legal steroids are,

  • AMP amplified mass: these medications that do not need a prescription and is little more than powder which includes enormous amount of the protein and around 50 grams in all the servings. It is also packed well with some more standard and natural mass supplements of gain as creatine, the Beta Anhydrous, L-arginine, L-Glycine and more
  • The representatives of brand even claim that overwhelming majority of people around that use these products achieve some great results with the same.
  • The user reviews of all OTC steroids on blogs and forums from different people that consume actually the AMP say that they all are happy with results.

Have a look on all the medications that do not need a prescription.

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