When you stare at your Cincinnati Bengals tickets do you ever wonder if supporting them is worth all the hassle? I’m sure everyone has thought about it at one point in time, but don’t forget following the Bengals is a good thing. In fact, it’s actually a great thing, but do you know why? Here are only 5 reasons why you’re very lucky you don’t support anyone else.

We’ve Never Won The Super Bowl

Some fans might be disappointed we’ve not won the Super Bowl yet, but if you think about it carefully it’s actually a good thing. Once they do win it, which shouldn’t be too far away now, we’ll all get to witness history in the making. If you’re not too young you might even remember that terrible day in 1989 when we were close to winning it. Next time it’s going to be different, especially if you believe the third time is a charm.

Games Bring Excitement

Okay, when it comes to postseason games it might seem like it would be better to stay at home washing your hair. During the regular season things have been different for around a decade, and when you turn up to games it’s not a shock to the system. It’s not the fact we’re winning things you should be happy about, but instead it’s the consistency creeping in. Now it feels like it’s party time whenever you turn up at the stadium.

The Most Loyal Fans In The World

Even though things are looking up now, there was a time when Mike Brown cared more about what he was going to eat for breakfast than his own team. It reached a point where there were so many things going wrong nobody would blame us if we walked away forever. But Cincinnati Bengals fans don’t walk away, and we all stuck together through the hard times. Is there a slight possibility we’re the most loyal fans in the world? We’re certainly up near the top of the list.

We Get To Experience So Many Players

already tried to turn a negative into a positive, so let’s try to do it again. Don’t we just love to kick our top talent out of the door? It’s almost as if we can’t get rid of them fast enough whenever it’s going to cost us money. But on the plus side, we do get to experience an exceptionally higher number of different players than most teams. Wouldn’t it get so boring if we were stuck with the same faces every year? Getting rid of top talent also makes grown men cry, so we get to show our emotional side.

Knowing How To Deal With Heartbreak

They say in order to toughen yourself up, it’s important to bounce back from heartbreak. I think every Bengals fan out there should be as tough as steel because whether you want to admit it or not, Carson Palmer did break your heart. If he demanded to leave it might have been easier to accept, but would he really rather quit the game than pull on the jersey again? Thankfully we now have a perfect replacement in Dalton, and he wouldn’t even think of treating us the same way.

It Can’t Really Get Any Worse

Keep buying your Cincinnati Bengals tickets and attending games with your family, because we’ve already been through enough bad times and it can’t get any worse. Keep your fingers crossed and it will only be a matter of time before we win the grand prize in our sport. If you believe in the law of probability, we’re going to win the Super Bowl sooner than you think. Let’s hope we demolish the Jets in September for starters.

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