Performing regular vehicle maintenance is a much talked about topic in the sphere of automotive industry. Most owners are quite aware of all the aspects that comprise maintaining their vehicles. But there are also some facts regarding the same that are less discussed, commented an experienced auto expert who is associated with the Johnston auto repair center. Here we would focus more on them.  

Acquaintance with the Owner’s Manual

One thing that isn’t talked about much regarding the first and foremost aspect of vehicle maintenance is that one has to consider the owner’s manual as the ultimate guide to it. Every vehicle that is manufactured and released from the brand factory is accompanied with an owner’s manual that contains every detail regarding the maintenance of it. 

The moment a buyer drives home a new car, the first thing he must do is go through the manual thoroughly, even though apparently it feels monotonous and tedious. The next step is setting up a reminder for all the upcoming  maintenance intervals for items like the change of engine oil and filter, belts and hoses, tire rotation, and so on.

Testing Out the Brakes 

Before you key start your vehicle for the day, it is strongly recommended that you test out the braking response of your car. try it out in the parking lot itself if possible, after making sure there’s nothing in the blind spots. This must be developed as a normal driving habit, for very car owner. Especially when there had been a history of extensive off road travel. 

Checking the Battery and Electrical Components

We never know when the car battery goes down. If it is extreme cold outside, the probability of its going down increases. In such climatic condition, you need to check out on the major electrical components of the car, like the headlights, cabin lights, AC to check if it is working fine.

Inspecting the Exterior 

Other than the mechanical parts, a vehicle can start getting damaged merely on the surface level that might seep deeper inside. As a car owner, one needs to keep good care of the exterior surface of the car, that includes regular cleaning, washing and occasional waxing. Many times owners could need to park their vehicles in open places, under direct sunlight. In such cases, they need to make use of the car cover or invest in one if the manufacturer hasn’t included it with the purchase order, suggested the team of professionals serving the center of auto repair Johnston.

Maintaining the Interior 

The interior cabin of your car is the place where you actually get to enjoy the drive. If things start getting rotten there, the overall ambience of the car might deteriorate beyond limits. For example, long exposure to the sun might not only fade the exterior paint but also damage the dashboard surface, as they are mostly made of hard plastic or wood.

The upholstery needs to be cleaned and dried in regular intervals so that they don’t start stinking with remains of food items, drink spills and similar ways. The floor mats need to be washed regularly, while vacuum cleaning the cabin is a must for every car user.

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