Research shows that listening to music as well as playing music stimulates the brain and increases the memory. For example, in one study, children who were three and four years old were either given keyboard lessons or taught how to sing better.

One control group did not receive any type of musical training. Results concluded that the pre-schoolers who learned music regularly enhanced their spatial-temporal skills by 34% over the control group. Researchers also claimed that the effect lasted long-term.

The Benefits of Being Musically Inclined

In addition, one article in “The Telegraph” stated that studies have found that regularly playing a musical instrument alters the brain’s shape and improves a person’s cognitive ability. So, if you learn how to play a musical instrument, the part of the brain that controls motor skills (such as your hands and balancing) is enhanced. Studies also demonstrate that playing music can increase the IQ by as much as seven points.

Better Organisational Skills

So, anyone who buys musical instruments and sheet music in Dorset is in better “tune” literally and figuratively with his or her other life activities than non-musicians. Not only that, playing music or singing has been shown to refine your organisational and time-management abilities.

That is because playing an instrument necessitates that you also learn how to manage your time. In order for a musician to progress at a faster pace, he or she must learn how to organise his or her practice time, thereby making more efficient use of his or her day.

Learning a musical instrument or playing an instrument also teaches the student perseverance. Because the process takes both time and effort, it engages the learner to persevere. After all, you can’t play each piece perfectly the first time. You have to play them multiple times before they are perfected. That is why playing an instrument lends to your enjoyment of life.

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