A success of a business depends on its leader. It seems easy, but becoming a great leader does not really happen in a day. It takes lot of hard work, discipline and experience to transform into a great leader. Well, as the saying goes Great leader are born, but it always needs proper polishing to lead the way.

The need for leadership training can never be ignored. The hidden skill set can be polished with proper help. Dougherty Marketing has got years of experience in transforming people into leaders. An initiative by Brian Dougherty, this marketing agency works with individuals to help them move ahead in life. Understanding the need of proper polishing of skill set, in 2001, Brian along with his wife Jenny Dougherty created this marketing agency.

Leading a team is not an easy task. Now the question arises is what all do you need to be a great leader?

  • Being a good listener : A good leader will always give the team a chance to put forward their point of view.
  • High patience level : It is good to understand that, anger will not lead any person anywhere. Therefore, patiently dealing with difficult situation helps in finding a solution to the problem.
  • Clear communication : Making feelings and expectations clear to the team results in smooth operation of the business. It is a two way policy, the team will clearly understand what all they needs to do and the leader will know if things are progressing according to the expectation or not.
  • Show the way : A team will always look up to the leader. Be the first to set an example, show your team how things has to be done. A leader who shows the way is always more appreciated by the followers.
  • Minimise interference : Interfere only when it is absolutely needed. Show your team the way and trust them to take things ahead. This improves the working ability as well as the productivity.
  • Admit your mistakes : It is advisable not to play the blame game. Admit when you are wrong, don’t try to pass on to blame to someone else.
  • Appreciate : Recognition matters. Always make sure to appreciate the hard work of a team. This will automatically make the team happy and the performance will improve.
  • Acknowledgement : A leader can show the way, but any decision has to be backed by the team or else the entire planning will fail. A business is not about an individual but it is about the effort of the entire team, acknowledge the same.

Having all the skills required to be a good leader is different but putting those into use at the right time and right place is difficult. Here, a mentor like Brian Dougherty can be of great help. His agency Dougherty Marketing has come with an initiative of guiding and polishing the skill set of the budding leaders. Hundreds of individuals have trusted Dougherty Marketing for more than fifteen years. The fate of any assignment or task depends on the person who is leading it. If you think you have the fine qualities of a great leader, talk to the expert, they will take you to the next level.

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