Bulldogs are a lovely breed and have all the characters of an adorable pet. You would be delighted to have this flat faced pup around your home whenever around. These are a totally cute breed of dog that can adapt well with a family becoming attached soon. They have a shorter life span but surely it is one that you would give anything to be around. Caring for your dog is very essential as they are as delicate as a kid of your own. Considering the food habit and requirements is definitely going to be on the top priority for anyone planning to pet a bulldog.

Eating preference

People should always prefer to give them two smaller meals than one heavy meal sufficing its needs. This way you can solve many digestive problems before even they arise. Better health can be assured for your pet with such a strategy. Bulldog foods can be found on all major vet stores around your area and also you can order online. This is the best way to acquire the food while sitting at your home. Consider the calorie intake as well while preparing the meal for your little friend. Bulldogs normally can weight at around 50 pounds making a 900 calorie diet essential for them. Weight being any less or more would mean similar treatment to calorie in the diet as well. Just make sure you give it in two similar portions for the digestive comfort.

Size of the dog breed may be small, yet the bulldogs are well built and muscular requiring good amount of protein in diet. To be able to maintain their body mass and shape they need to have a good intake of protein in the diet. Fish is the most preferred source of protein for bulldogs because over time they tend to develop meat allergies. They are prone to weight gains easily and this is why the stress is majorly on the importance of giving adequate calorie and not more than that. With proper calorie counting and protein intake you can sustain the body muscularity and strength of the bulldog for a long time. This reduces any chance of a joint trouble or mobility issue with the pet.

Food problems

There are several things with a bulldog that needs to be taken care at all times.  They are prone to gaining weight and many digestive issues like excessive gas building up and also inflammatory bowel disease as resulting from food allergies. This is why it becomes vital for the owner to find bulldog foods that are totally safe for the pet. The dog is bound to get allergies with improper lifestyle and with proper food you can avoid it. Take extra effort to ensure you have valuable ingredients in the food for your dog that can help in digestion and is rich in probiotics. Also do not forget to provide them plenty of water at all the time to keep them hydrated. This is also very essential for the pet to stay healthy.

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