People in modern age, are very much indulged in watching videos on the phone which are based on almost every subject in the world like education, entertainment, sports, memes etc. Applications are used to watch videos in phones. One such popular app is vidmate, and even being an illegal app and not supported by play stores, it is very much used across the globe.

In this article, we will discuss on the vidmate old version 2017and why these are better than older versions and why they are still used with newer versions taking over the population?

What made vidmate 2017 worth trying?

All the versions coming into the Internet from vidmate had new features with improvements in user interface, bug fixes and security issues. With newer versions launching in 2017, the app made more people attract by providing more and more platforms from where the applications, videos and songs can be downloaded. All the vidmate old version 2017 apps launched are collectively called as vidmate 2017.

The version 3.15, launched in June, 2017 made people installs and tries this software to just check the speed of downloading. With this version, vidmate improved the speed of downloading videos and other media. It became much known that time, as people around the world did talk about Internet downloading speed and thus made vidmate come forward than other similar kind of apps.

The version 3.24 launched in August,2017 was very much popular in its time as the app included the feature of downloading movies from all the sources in the Internet. That is when people came to believe, for certain, that Chinese can access anything on the network. It also attracted more people who always wanted to download movies till then but couldn’t. Now all of these were available to them. Not just all the movies from every source, but also all the types of video formats were accepted by the new vidmate version. Every type can be downloaded and thus watched using the app.

In vidmate 2017, the application with newer versions, came with the trusted sites to download movies and videos, and thus it saved a lot of time of people for searching on various different websites. It also improved the famous “Free Videos” feature, which now users can watch at zero data cost.

How to download, install and use vidmate 2017?

  • Open the web browser and type the address for the vidmate official website i.e.,
  • Select “vidmate 2017” from the vidmate versions option on the menu.
  • Click on Download button present after the title, and then your download will begin.
  • Then run the downloaded software with custom specifications and run and enjoy the application.

If someone wants to use the vidmate application in the PC, then the user must be having an app called “Blue stacks” installed which can run apk apps on the computer. Thus, one can use the vidmate app after downloading and installing it in blue stacks.

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