IR and CRIS have constantly worked for the betterment of railway services provided to the Indian consumers. It constitutes the IT wing of the IR that designs, develops, implements, and maintains the IT current IT infrastructure used by the IR. There have been many commendable achievements that were awarded to CRIS for the applications developed by them. The Prime Minister Award for Excellence was awarded to CRIS in 2008 for Public Administration. In the same year, they won awards such as IBM Beacon and Top Star Awards for E-working and the CIO 100 bold Award. Apart from that, they have been engaged in green initiatives to produce sustainable IT solutions as well. They released a case study named as “E Working: A less paper initiative in the category ‘Non-profit organizations.’” CRIS won the CIO Green Edge Award in 2009 for the multiple green initiatives undertaken by the team. Applications such as WebNTES, COA, NTES, UTS, and PRS developed by CRIS have led to commendable progress of IR in implementing their management decisions.


  • Dissemination of information to the public must be compatible with current trends. Indian consumers are abreast with current trends and find it easier to get their work done with the click of their mouse or a tap on their smartphones.
  • CRIS has been instrumental in keeping pace with technology changes and developed enhanced and user-friendly interfaces for consumers. This helps them know about simple tasks such as Indian Railway live status or the ticket status on the basis of their PNR numbers. Train enquiries can also be placed easily by consumers.
  • CRIS has developed a backend system called NTES to procure and store information and distribute it to consumers through various mediums. NTES was developed with the major objective of disseminating information to the public at near real time situations. CRIS has also won an award for innovative use of ICT by PSU’s for customer benefits. NTES was adjudicated as a finalist in the Computerworld Honours Program, which was instituted by the Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation in USA.
  • Interfaces such as nationwide unique number 139, mobile interfaces, websites, and face to face enquiry are used for distributing information regarding trains to the consumers.
  • Website- A new interface was developed for the website and made public in 2013. Quick and easy access to information such as time of departure and arrival of trains, cancellation and diversion of trains. There has been much appreciation regarding the speed, simplicity of interface, smooth user experience, and richness of information.
  • Mobile Application- Mobile interfaces have been developed, which are lightweight and tend to enquiries through the mobile phones on the go. Interesting classic and modern designs have been added to support generic smartphones.
  • An important feature that was launched includes ‘spot your train’, which gives the user real time information regarding the current position of the train, its expected arrival and departure timings from the entered station.
  • ‘Train Schedule’, ‘Trains between stations’, ‘Live stations’, and ‘information on cancelled, and rescheduled/diverted trains’ are some other important features.

Truly, CRIS has worked at the backend and provided full IT support to the IR.


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