Ketomac shampoo may be used for treatment and prevention of acute dandruff conditions. The shampoo treats scaling, flaking, itching and prevents inflammation because of dandruff. The Ketomac shampoo acts to kill fungus cell membrane to protect hair. When the cell membrane is weakened, the fungus cell membrane is inserted causing death of the cell.

Formulation of Ketomac shampoo

 The formulation of the product is done by ketoconazole which antifungal ingredient .It contains in 2% of the shampoo. Ketomac shampoo composition refers to existence of ketoconazole in 2%. It is antifungal agent and prevents of growth of fungus membrane or cell wall. Thus growth of fungus is stopped. All ketomac products offer death of yeasts and fungus. Thus this range of products provides solutions for skin conditions. Fungi actually produce substance like ergosterol which creates the cell membrane of fungi. Ketomac shampoo contains ketoconazole which targets the substance ergosterol to destroy. In this way, the growth of fungi is prevented.

Functional activities of shampoo

The primary target of Ketomac shampoo is to treat dandruff which may be major condition of scalp. Due to the condition, consequences like scaling, itching, flaking can be handled with Ketomac shampoo. This shampoo holds anti inflammatory properties and this is critical in case of dandruff. So, with the help of Ketomac shampoo inflammatory symptoms can be checked due to dandruff. The presence of the active component in Ketomac shampoo to destroy fungi, further growth is not possible.

To kill cell membrane of fungi

Ketomac shampoo ingredients include the main component as ketoconazole. This ingredient actually fights against acute dandruff. The doctors usually prescribe the shampoo for treating dandruff in acute cases. People may get rid of flaking, scaling, and itching as result of dandruff. People may also get relief from inflammation out of dandruff. Actually, the shampoo is medicine as antifungal treatment. The fungi cannot grow as the cell membrane of fungi is killed.  The inherent technique of treating dandruff lies in ketoconazole.

How to use shampoo

 You have to take small amount of Ketomac shampoo and apply on scalp. Massage gently with water and form lather. Leave it like this for 5 -10 minutes. Then rinse it water thoroughly. Use twice in a week for the period of 4 weeks. After dandruff is cleared, you can use the shampoo once in a week. It should be continued to stop the recurrence attack of dandruff and to keep the scalp clear.


People can place order for the shampoo online and can buy. Home delivery will be possible for the product. The main component of Ketomac shampoo kills the cell membrane of fungi to stop further growth. All the other ingredients act cumulatively to provide the results. Ketomac range of products may also treat other skin conditions like ringworm, athlete’s foot, dandruff etc. Ketomac shampoo has achieved wide success .The success rate is high and Ketomac shampoo can be termed as highest demanded in the range of skin care product. It is amazing innovation of science that scientists have contributed nice Ketomac shampoo.

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