Sail Sabang 2017 is a festival to lift the image of Indonesia as a maritime country. Sail Sabang in December will be held in Sabang, an island located at the most western tip of Indonesia. At Sail Sabang this time, there will be 2 sailing routes that can be taken by participants. Each sailing route will certainly be maintained and managed by professional coordinators. In addition to sailing event, Sail Sabang will also be held various festivals that are perfect for you who are traveling in Indonesia. At the festival to be held, there will be a variety of interesting activities for you and there will be various arts and cultural performances for you to enjoy.

Sail Sabang 2017 location are on the island of Sabang, in which there are many interesting tourist sites to visit .Although the island of Sabang is a small island, here there are tourist sites with beautiful scenery for you to come during the holidays. In addition, the water around the island of Sabang is very beautiful to be enjoyed. Various activities on Sail Sabang will utilize Sabang’s beauty to give you unforgettable experience. If you decide to participate in Sail Sabang, at least there will be some interesting things for you to look forward to. Some of the interesting things to look forward to are as follows.

  1. Culture and Art Show

For those of you who participate in Sail Sabang, there will be art and cultural performances that you need to look forward to here. Various Indonesian cultures and local arts will be available here. A variety of unique and interesting Indonesian cultures will be deeply portrayed in Sabang Sail to be held.

  1. Diving Competition

Sabang is an island surrounded by waters. Therefore, Sabang definitely has an underwater world. In Sabang, there is an underwater world that is very beautiful because the natural conditions are still very awake. With this condition, it would be very interesting to do diving in Sabang. In Sail Sabang itself will be held a diving competition that is very necessary to be awaited by water sports enthusiasts.

  1. Underwater Photo Competition

Underwater world condition in Sabang is very awake, hence has beautiful scenery. There are many marine biota and natural corals that are well preserved here. Of course, with this condition is very interesting to capture beautiful underwater world photos. Sail Sabang will give you the opportunity to compete to capture the beauty of underwater nature and enjoy the beauty of nature itself.

  1. Parachute Competition

Sail Sabang though a maritime festival, also gives you a series of events that not only involve maritime. One of them is the parachute competition. In addition to the parachute competition, you can also watch aerobatic shows that will definitely be very interesting to see.

Sail Sabang 2017 accommodations is very complete because in Sabang has been available various accommodation to receive your arrival. If you need information about locations in Sabang, tourist sites, various accommodations, and various regulations, you can go to Sail Sabang website to get the information you need. On Sail Sabang website you can also register to join as a participant in the event to be held.

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