Liquidmetal entered the market in 2003 and John Kang a businessman in the medical industry has been studying it since 2005.  There is a common misconception in the minds of people that Liquidmetal is only used in the mobile technological industry. This is not true. One can find the application of Liquidmetal in the healthcare sector and petrochemical sector extensively. When it comes to the application of Liquidmetal, most manufacturing industries take into consideration its ability to be resistant to corrosion and durable when it comes to longer shelf life. It is strong and does not even break or bend when under extreme pressure. Healthcare and medical industries prefer Liquidmetal primarily because of its unique properties and biocompatibility.

John Kang WebMD Specialist- the salient features of Liquidmetal

The John Kang WebMD specialist team of experts say Liquidmetal is very popular today primarily because it has successfully passed many tests for biocompatibility. This also refers to implant studies in the long-term as well. These studies have revealed that liquidmetal is extremely resistant to corrosion and has negative effects on the neighbouring tissues and organs making it the ideal material for dental and medical implants especially casings for pacemakers.

Its benefits to dentistry

The John Kang Liquidmetal specialist says that dentists face a major challenge when it comes to dental procedures and implants. This challenge lies in the isolation of the mouth and infected teeth during the procedure. The most general form of isolation that dentists resort to is the dental dam made of rubber. However, they claim that some patients have allergies to latex and the risks of injuries surge as dentists find it very difficult to perform the procedure. Again, some rubber dental dams block the view of the airway in patients for dentists. This refrains the dentist from monitoring any kind of debris that the patient might have aspirated during the procedure.

Liquidmetal and their role in dental isolation products

A leading manufacturer of dental isolation products in California has developed an extensive range of dental isolation products that will make dental dams made of rubber obsolete. These products have made use of Liquidmetal due to its hypoallergenic, light-weight, strength and biocompatibility properties. Patents no longer have to suffer from latex allergies, and dentists are able to perform their procedures without tensions at all. Patients too are comfortable with the procedure, and they do not have to fear latex allergies in the mouth anymore.

The John Kang WebMD specialist team says there is another benefit of using Liquidmetal when it comes to the manufacture of dental isolation products. It is simple to manufacture, and the costs are much cheaper than rubber. At the same time, if you see dental implants, you will find they are very small in size and detail. Liquidmetal helps manufacturers make products that are of exact precision. Therefore, from the above, it is evident that Liquidmetal is not only common in mobile technology and consumer electronic products, but its application is also widely prevalent and equally safe in the healthcare and medical industry as well!

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