Driving under the Influence (DUI) is the most common and also the most damaging driving offenses in the world. Because of this, thousands of innocent lives perished on the road.

It is a severe crime that is punishable by law around the world. It is either called Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving When Intoxicated or (DWI). Most of these cases are taken very seriously and the accused are always sentenced with severe punishments depending on the severity of the case that is taken to the court.

Even though you are not in a situation where you are being jailed and got a case filed against you for DUI or any driving offense, it is still important for you to learn something about this very important matter according to an experienced driving offence solicitor so that you are well-prepared when misfortune finds its way to you.

  1. Always keep yourself updated of the motoring law– It is not always the solicitor’s job to remind yourself of the offenses that you can get on the road. You should always keep yourself updated with the changes to the motoring law which has never been more important today, and regardless if the motorists are facing charges for even minor offenses or the most serious motoring offenses, it is still important to learn the different driving offenses as a responsible motorist and law-abiding citizen.
  2. Identify the most common driving offenses– The offenses are, driving while being disqualified, failure to stop after figuring in an accident, failure to report an accident, drunk driving, impaired driving, driving without insurance, driving without license, speeding, using mobile phone while driving, totting up, dangerous driving, reckless driving resulting to death, indictable road traffic offenses, appealing over a road traffic conviction, appealing for parking fines, and driving with damaged or worn tires which are all punishable by law depending on its severity.
  3. There are different penalties for each offense– The motoring offense penalties include points that will be accumulated, a fine, or a ban. The points can result in too much expensive insurance premiums for at least a set number of years on your license while some insurance also penalizes people for more than five years while others can have a larger fine which causes them the financial problem or disqualification that results to loss of job and livelihood.
  4. Always be a responsible motorist– Driving offense can be avoided if you are just being a responsible driver and someone who cares for others while on the road. Sometimes this kind of offense can be very minor while this can also take lives unnecessarily which always comes with devastating consequences in return that is why you should always abide by the law to keep yourself out of trouble and keep everyone safe from any accidents.

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