Helping others or the needy is a blessing in disguise. One who is in a better position and is able to help others must do the same as and when needed. Charity begins from the home itself and thus must be carried out by one and all barring any age limit or monetary purpose. It can give a new life to the needy person all around the world and might give them the opportunities waiting to be knocked for the betterment of one and all. If one is lucky enough then one should definitely help the other person and this way do good for the society and spread the message of brotherhood.

Natural calamities, political disruptions can do more harm to the people than any kind of good. Thus they must be avoided in all the circumstances and kept at bay. Families must be very cautious in their approach towards life and help each other as and when possible in good as well as bad circumstances by default and without a saying.

Ines Cano Uribe worked with a non-government organization to help the underprivileged in the society by making clothes for the children with the most sensitive skin and suffering from a disease called eczema. Eczema is similar to a body rash but can take various forms and need proper care and attention at the right point of time. Blood tests need to be carried out in order to diagnose the disease. Thus she has been producing clothes for the children suffering from this disease and having a sensitive skin because of the same.

A simple looking natural disaster or calamity can ruin the lives of many, not just in underdeveloped regions but in the developing nations too. It can make them live on the streets with no food to eat, no place to live, no clothes to wear and no medical help of any kind. Hence, Ines Cano supports these kinds of campaigns and related organizations for the charity work and help people suffering from the same to come out from the problem and be on their own within no time. In fact by now she has saved the lives of many and given them a new life to live with prosperity all around.

These non-government organizations and the members related to the same are spread all over the world and try their best to help one and all barring any particular caste, religion or category of any kind. They put their hands in various projects at a time and believe in the healthy life of the human beings with all the needed resources in the kitty of a person concerned.

Ines Cano Uribe loves to work for the underprivileged children and provide them with the basc amenities of the life, thus making their life happier and worth living for the individual as well as the society as a whole. Her only mission is to help the poor and the needy to lead a healthy and active life, which is of some use to the society and do good in whatever manner possible.

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