Dealing with a funeral and planning the entire service is something no one likes to do when a loved one has passed away. It is a sensitive time when family and friends need to grieve, so getting help from an experienced independent funeral director makes all the difference. For the best funeral plans in Brixham, you should be looking to hire an independent, family owned directors. A local company can help you with a wide range services during this difficult time, some of which include:

  • Crematorium Funerals
  • Green Funerals
  • Humanist Funerals
  • Coffin Selection
  • Memorials

Below are some of the best reasons to choose a family owned funeral directors to arrange proceedings.

Outstanding Service

Big corporations have now taken an interest in the funeral directors’ business, but these companies have no ties to the community or understanding of their unique needs. Most of the time, independent funeral directors will have known the deceased or someone related to them, making the ceremony more personal. They provide a service which cannot be matched by a big corporation from outside the community.


Independent funeral directors understand the costs involved when organising a ceremony, that’s why they offer all kinds of services to suit all types of budgets. They aren’t solely focused on profits; they are more about the people.

Stronger Bond

Local funeral directors have a strong bond with the community, having years of experience looking after families in the area who have lost a loved one. The offer local benefits and a unique approach to funerals.

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