Avid cigarette smokers have begun to notice a surprising trend over the past few years; companies have begun publishing drastic warnings and images on cigarette packets in order to deter people from buying them. Obviously, this doesn’t do much good, since most people simply can’t stop themselves from smoking. These marketing changes were introduced by global organisations and heads of governments in order to prevent people from becoming chain smokers. There is little doubt about the fact that smoking is a very unhealthy habit.

Not only does it cause tar deposits on your lungs, but smoking can also lead to a series of other problems, some of which can prove to be fatal. It eats away at your stamina and chips at your health very gradually. According to one study, one cigarette cuts your lifespan by 11 minutes. However, most people are simply reliant on the nicotine and tobacco in the cigarette. When you smoke a conventional cigarette, you also inhale the hundreds of different chemicals and carcinogens that are wrapped in paper.

For many people who are trying to wean themselves off of their smoking habits, vaping is a very viable alternative. While it doesn’t exactly replicate the taste of a conventional cigarette, it does deliver the required amount of nicotine and tobacco that your brain needs. Over the past few years, the vaping industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, you can buy ecig liquid online or from shops that supply artisan electric cigarette supplies.

How Did Vaping Become So Popular?

Even though electronic cigarettes have been around for many years, the vaping industry has shown significant growth in the past decade. A number of new companies have sprouted all over the UK, some of which manufacture starter kits and e-cig components, while others simply specialise in marketing and distribution.

Today, there are cloud chasing events held all over the world where people come up with custom builds in order to see who can release the most vapour. Obviously, all of this did not happen overnight. It took a combination of clever marketing tactics and timely decision-making by industry heads in order to make vaping a worldwide phenomenon. So, how did it all happen?

Clever Marketing

Vaping rose to popularity at the same time people started making conscious efforts to wean themselves off of their smoking habits. Companies used a variety of marketing tactics in order to convince customers. For instance, many claimed that e-cigs were viable alternatives for conventional smokes, lasted much longer, and were also healthier. Obviously, for people who were trying to quit smoking, this seemed like a great option.

Then, many companies in the vaping industry also changed their pricing models and product designs. Today, you can choose from fully customised builds or buy a standard, disposable e-cigarette in order to get a taste of what it feels like. This has allowed the industry to reach new heights, and has made vaping extremely popular.

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