If you have been injured in a car crash, and you have sustained several injuries, you can trust the lawyer you choose to process your claim to get you a fair settlement figure. The settlement figure should consider all your injuries, no matter their severity, so that you receive the maximum amount of financial compensation possible.

In addition to your primary injury, which is defined as the injury which will yield the highest payout figure, you can claim for cuts and bruises, concussion, aches, strains, as well as mental or psychological issues you might be experiencing because of your accident, such as insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. However, for every injury you claim for, proof must also be provided. To prove your injuries, your lawyer will refer to your medical reports, and you will need to attend a medical examination during the claims process, so that a new, up to date medical report can be generated for the purposes of your claim.

How will a lawyer help me with my claim?

A lawyer will communicate with the other side on your behalf, and they will build your case for compensation for you. This will allow you to get on with your life; you can even return to work, should you wish to. The claims process will be managed for you behind the scenes, and your lawyer will take care of everything for you. This will take the burden off you as well as your family. If you are unable to do so yourself, your lawyer might also be able to coordinate any medical care you need, to take the burden off you and your family.

How much compensation could I claim?

When you make a claim for a car crash in the UK, the amount of compensation you may be awarded depends mainly on the following four factors:

  1. What injuries you have sustained;
  2. The severity of the injuries you have sustained;
  3. How those injuries have, and will, affect your life;
  4. Your level of liability with regards to the accident.

The worse your injuries are, and the bigger the affect they will have on your life, then the more compensation you can claim. It is also important to factor in your level of liability when determining a compensation amount, however, since you will receive a lesser amount of compensation if you bear some responsibility for the accident. For example, if you are 50 per cent to blame, then you would typically receive 50 per cent of the original settlement demand put forward. However, most claims are settled on a 0 per cent liability basis, and your claim should be too, providing there is evidence to support your claim.


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