All kinds of companies use promotional items, but have you thought about using them for your business yet? If not, there are a lot of great reasons to consider doing so.

The first reason many companies choose to go this route is to build awareness of their brand. Social media channels have helped companies do this as well, and using promotional items in conjunction with social media efforts is a great way to combine forces and really promote your brand. If you want to connect with an audience outside of the Internet, raise brand awareness with things like direct mail. Plan a promotional giveaway or include fun promotional products in the mail, like unique business cards, pens, or magnets.

Promotional items can also be used to acquire customers. Think about going to a sales meeting and putting marketing information on a USB drive that has your logo on it. Give out cloths for cleaning phones, tablets, or television screens with your brand information printed on it. You can even thank existing customers for referring new business with a high-quality gift that will always remind them of your company. Being able to make your promotional items memorable is the key when it comes to distinguishing yourself from the competition.

Acquiring new customers is not the only goal, though – you also want to make sure you are keeping the customers you already have. Express gratitude to loyal customers with promotional gifts on birthdays or holidays; drive retention with customer loyalty programs that include premiums. You can even think about branding in-store displays for special occasions and then using those items to reward someone in the company or a special customer. Exercise brand discipline every time, making sure your logo looks great and all of the colors match exactly the way they are supposed to so that it truly speaks to your brand.

Finally, drive engagement at events by using promotional merchandise. This is a great place to connect with your audience – make sure gifts are relevant or useful to your audience so they do not leave them sitting on the hotel room counter. Things to consider using here include pens, USB drives, sunglasses, and other unusual items that fit your brand but are still relevant to the customer. Use your promo items to generate buzz and encourage people to come by your booth – do this by implementing something new and fun, like a contest where someone can win an awesome item like the latest technology gadget.

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