The air conditioner is an essential unit installed in almost every vehicle nowadays. Most people who like to drive with their windows rolled up high usually turn on their air conditioners to maintain the temperature inside the closed vehicle cabin. If the air conditioner isn’t working properly, driving around will become incredibly uncomfortable for you. Over the passage of time, the air conditioning unit in your car will begin to cause problems, and shall need to be repaired. Some of the problems that might occur with the air conditioning unit include the following:

  • Weird noises coming from the hood every time you turn on the air conditioner
  • Air conditioner not cooling the interior
  • The amount of air flow being lower than it should be

There are many workshops that specialise in fixing car air conditioning in Bexhill-on-Sea, so you can take your car to a local mechanic if it isn’t working properly. Here are a few things that you should know about air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioner Throws Hot Air

If the air conditioner doesn’t throw cold air when you turn it on, it’s probably due to an issue with the condenser. Or, there might be a gas leakage in the conditioner that’s causing the problem.


If you hear weird noises every time you turn on the air conditioner, you should take your car to the workshop and have it checked. The most common cause of the problem is damage to the compressor or the condenser, such as loose bearings.


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