SEOs, bloggers, social media execs, and all other digital marketers invested in regular creation of content are in a difficult moment. With the world locked down, many professions are seeing a drop in employee and company productivity.

This should not come as a big surprise. Most professionals in the world have no idea how to effectively work from home. The human race, for many centuries and millennia has stepped out of home every morning to go to work. How will this genetic programming be altered in a month of remote working?

Maintaining productivity while working from home is a challenge. In the digital marketing field, content productivity has suffered a lot in the last few weeks. Content writers do have the resources to work from home, but productivity has fallen for a myriad of reasons. This article is dedicated to suggesting measures to maintain and even improve content productivity during pandemic crisis.

Diversify Content Topics

One reason many content writers start slacking off is that they stick to one topic and format for too long. Content writers should be told to regularly create different types of content. By regularly changing the format and niche of the content, writers remain sharp and maintain their productivity. Writers can only maintain their productivity if they keep writing. By changing up formats and topics, writers are made to remain on their toes and create content at a better speed.

Increase Competition

In most companies, there is only the one content writer tasked with writing content. With one writer alone, there is no competition a lone professional has to face. Thus, the writer feels free to set his/her own pace and the company has to deal with it.

By hiring another writer, companies put all writers under pressure to perform to a certain optimal level. Increasing competition can be a solution to many workplace productivity problems. Its use in maintaining content productivity can be very effective and beneficial for the company in the end.

In Conclusion

Content productivity is a substantial issue for bloggers and SEOs. In this period of crisis, businesses have to maintain the frequency of the content they create in order to be more relevant than ever, even during the crisis. In this article, we discuss how content productivity can be maintained during the pandemic crisis.

About the Author- Nisha Gupta is a content expert who has worked as a writer and mentor for several brands. She has created content for many successful campaigns in the last five years. Currently, she writes content for her own blog and guest posts for other prominent names in the industry such as, an institute well-known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.  

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