Water heater installation should always be done by a professional. Hot water heaters are a heavy piece of equipment with a lot of wires and some high heat elements. There is also the issue of water pumping through the heater at a relatively high rate. You should always leave installation to a professional because of the safety risk if there is a leak. You should also not try to touch a broken hot water heater, to avoid getting burned. Even if you have gloves, broken hot water heaters can spurt extremely hot water or heat the water up to the wrong temperature. Make sure you are safe by turning your heater off if you suspect that it’s broken while you call a specialist.

You should not try to install a water heater by yourself. Water heater installation has a unique combination of electrical wiring and plumbing, and the task is fairly complex. Many times specialists come out in pairs to do the job, as the heaters are quite heavy. Suffice it to say, it’s usually not a one-man job. You can’t roll or slide the heaters around when they need moving, and it takes a couple of people to set them in their housing. It also takes a few helpers to test the heater as it adjusts once it’s installed.

Installing a new model is always a good idea. Sometimes people are tempted to repair old hot water heaters rather than buying a new model. While it’s certainly not a bad idea to repair them, it’s nearly always a good idea to buy a new model. Rust and other buildup can accumulate on older models, and all in all it’s just a safe bet to go with a new one. It is often worth the extra expense to go with a new model because they will require little to no maintenance for much longer than an older model. The time and cost savings on repairs are a nice thing, and so you should consider a new heater when it comes to water heater installation.

Check the temperatures when installing since they reset themselves. During water heater installation, the lines and the valves are reset, and so the temperature of the water may not be what it was previously. Sometimes it sets the water temperature colder, but on occasion the water can be very hot until it is adjusted. Water heater installation is fairly complex, so you might need up to an hour to get the water adjusted to the correct temperature. Make sure you do this with your installation expert before he leaves, since it’s pretty tough to adjust by yourself.

Water heater installation is an expensive repair, but it is well worth it. A brand new water heater is a great option, and if you choose to go this route, you will experience a lot more peace of mind. Having clear water lines and a rust-free environment is well worth the expense of a new heater for many people. Search for professionals on sites like Angie’s List if you need help choosing a qualified installer for your hot water heater.

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