Cheating sucks, doesn’t it? The mere thought of your partner living a double life behind your back with someone else sends shivers down your spine and makes you sick. Although very rarely will a cheater actually confess their crimes to you, they almost always show it in one way or another. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you and you’d like to find out if that’s true, here are some ways you can confirm, or perhaps even dismiss, your suspicion.

Absence from home

Is your partner suddenly more absent for no apparent reason? Perhaps they’re spending more hours at work or are constantly going out with “friends”. Although you shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away, it’s definitely something you want to investigate. Don’t be rude or straight forward about it though. If this is the only sign they’re cheating, then it’s not a big sign on its own. Perhaps they really do have a ton of work they need to get done or are catching up with an old friend. Try to ask them about their day and what they did and see what kind of a response you can get out of them. If they’re trying to avoid your questions, something might be up.

Always on the phone

We’re all guilty of using our phones way too much nowadays, but you have a rough estimate of the amount of time your partner likes to spend on his or her phone. Have they suddenly begun using their smartphone a lot more? If so, it may be because they’re typing with their secret lover. If you notice they start talking their calls to another room more and more often, it’s time to spring into action. You can easily use PeopleFinders to perform a reverse phone lookup on the number they’ve been talking with and find out who the mysterious person on the other end of the line is.

Spending a lot of money

We’ve all splurged before, but most of us wouldn’t mind sharing it with our partner. If you buy a new car or a new computer, or even new clothing, you’re probably going to share that information with your significant other, right? Well, if your significant other is splurging money on gifts and hotels for a person that isn’t you they’re most definitely cheating. Here’s where you have to be confrontational and face your partner head on. Let them feel the heat and watch as they try and explain the expenses to no avail.

History of cheating

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” makes more sense than we care to admit. A person who’s been unfaithful in the past might get tempted into doing it again, especially if they think they can get away with it.


We’re not suggesting you should constantly be on the lookout for signs your partner is cheating on you, as that’s no way to live a life. Instead, enjoy your relationship and take it as it comes, but be wary of these things and keep them in mind. At the first signs that something’s wrong act on it and don’t hesitate.

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