If your car starter is failing, it has probably given you a warning sign before of the upcoming trouble when your car might not respond after you turn the key. These are signs that your starter is pertaining to let you know, that something isn’t working the way it should. If you learn to read these signs and choose to act immediately upon it, you will be saved from a lot of hassle at the middle of the road, if your car stops dead, leaving you stranded. According to the Toyota dealer Middleton team of mechanics, before a starter fails completely, it will show a few symptoms, and one should not ignore any of them, but straight away replace the starter.

Lengthy and Slower Cranking

If your car is of recent times, its starter should be generally able to start up the engine as soon as you turn the key to activate the ignition process. But if the starter feels like struggling a lot to spin the motor and delaying the process of starting up the car, then it is indication, your hood needs to be opened and checked up immediately.

Though that can’t be taken as the car starter is dying, and you need to replace it, but surely it is an issue that needs your attention. It could be anything like a battery problem or any other electrical malfunctioning,  that is not letting the engine receive enough power to start its job. Rather than leaving it to indefinite speculation, the right thing to do at such moment is getting a checkup done by your trusted mechanic.

Dim Lights

After you turn the key, and even if the starter starts spinning, it can come to your notice that the headlights and the interior lights ae not lighting up properly and are significantly dim. This should not be taken as normal as the starter of a vehicle is particularly designed to draw a certain level of power from the battery, to start all the functionalities that are standard in a car. If that is not happening, then it is time again to check your car starter or the other related departments.

Continuous Spinning

Once you tried firing up the ignition and can hear the starter spinning, you expect the next to happen, that is, the engine to run. But instead the starter keeps spinning and the engine doesn’t respond. That is quite clear an indication then you need to repair the starter or replace the entire unit as in such cases mostly the starter gets disconnected from the flywheel and becomes unable to actually establish contact with the motor to start the assembly of the internal rotating.

The Bottom Line

If you notice any such symptoms, that can be related to the starter, it is always better to get an immediate inspection done from a reputed service center like that of the Toyota Middleton, otherwise it might lead to a serious issue, leaving you alone at the middle of the road to wait for the road assistance to respond.

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