Students that take the GRE go through a series of panic attack moments when it comes to the verbal section because it seems the toughest. However, even after focusing more on the verbal section during prep, most people don’t score a perfect score on the verbal section, but with a little determination and an excruciating amount of patience, it is not very difficult to obtain a perfect 170 in quants. Although it requires due diligence on your part as you struggle through the highs and lows of college academics and try to complete a million project for submissions, the results are sweet.Even a GRE preparation tutor in Singapore will explain how undermined the quants section is, and how it is the biggest determinant of critical thinking and executive functioning skills.

Quants is basically high school math, and it doesn’t entail anything that you have studied during graduation and it is a way to gauge your capability of solving problems quickly and efficiently, under the pressure of time and stress.

A list of ‘score boosters’ in Quants

  1. Don’t waste time

The same weight is allotted to all questions in a particular section. This means that all the 20 questions in quants weigh the same, which means that there are no extra marks for the extra time you spend on solving it. The moment you try to get out of a slump for a tough and difficult question, you lose the probability of solving much easier questions and scoring perfect marks on them. This is important information that is explained by a GRE prep tutor in Singapore because knowing that every question has equal marks assigned to it will help you move on to other questions faster.

  1. See the question before you solve it

Visualizing the question and the data that has been presented to you helps in solving the problem better. If you encounter a question that cannot be solved using traditional methods, visualizing the data will change your approach to solving questions. It helps in understanding the question and what it wants from you. When it comes to tough concepts such as coordinate geometry, geometry, and similar topics, visualizing the question will prove to be more of a boon than a bane. As you read the questions based on these topics, you can slowly watch it unfolding and playing in front of you like a movie. You can make complete use of the rough pages provided to you and you can draw a sketch of what you see. Practicing this often will cause you to become faster at applying this method. It will prevent you from missing any details.

  1. Eliminating the opponents

Traditional methods of solving the questions may sometimes not help you arrive at the answer, and this discrepancy can be solved by focusing on eliminating the provided options. This helps in getting the answer quicker and helps in saving time during the exam. The process is simple, you just try all the wrong answers until you reach an option that seems the least incorrect to you.

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