Those who use their vehicle every day, has to deal with the nasty dust, dirt and grease it collects, while some has to make amends to the ugly stains caused from drink spills, pets and the like. It is a very common phenomenon observed among the mass car owners where they feel a car cleaning is long due but with the tight budget, they just can’t initiate and fix up a schedule with the car shades.

We had a similar condition dragging for a long time, when climbing inside the car was becoming more of a curse than a blessing. It is then we accidentally met a staff who serves at the Kia dealer near Houston service center who gave us some budget cleaning tips, and we would be ever thankful to him for all the knowledge he has shared. We thought of sharing the same with you as these tips will not ask you to buy expensive cleaning materials or but only a clever usage of those that are lying around your house.


Take that hair conditioner bottle from your washroom and mix only a bit in clean water. Use this mixture in contrast of those expensive car cleaning solutions and get a better effect, after you are done.

 Shine Up the Inside and Out

Get a bottle of WD-40 solution instead of expensive bug and tar removing solutions to clean your car exterior surfaces. Spray a little amount on the affected areas and allow it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes.  This can be used even to remove adamant old bumper stickers. Now take a clean cloth keep rubbing the place gently after applying the same solution on the cloth to speed up the process. If you aren’t able to get WD-40 solution, a sufficient amount of peanut butter can also bring the same effect.

Use the same for interior surfaces to fight stains. But make sure you apply them only after thoroughly vacuum cleaning the entire cabin to remove any dust particles, food remains or other small components.

Cleaning the Glass

Glass of the windshield and windows needs to be spotlessly clean not only for a clean look but are important for better visibility. To clean the spots and dust particles from the glass surfaces of your car, the experts from the Houston Kia dealership suggest to use generous amount of vinegar, instead of ammonia that are more harmful for the glass surfaces. To make the perfect solution, combine half a cup of vinegar in one cup of water and quarter cup of alcohol. Mix them well and spray them on the glass immediately followed by cleaning them away with the help of a clean cloth.

You can also use crumpled newspaper instead cloth to wipe clean the windshield and windows. But make sure not to leave any paper residue on them, by brushing them off with the help of a dry towel.

With these tricks, you can gain back the original look of your car and remain a proud owner at no extra cost.

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