Anti aging face cream has become a great way to take care of skin as it not only improves our skin making it look its best but also combats the signs of aging at the same time. You cannot just jump into using anti aging beauty products like body lotion. You just need to be able to properly select the right skin care product.

To select the right body lotion you need to first of all consider your skin type. Let’s start with oily skin which has the benefit of aging slowest but can still use good body treatment. When it comes to oily skin the use of body ointment is not advised as they are too heavy and will only serve to clog the skin pores and cause skin problems on oily skin. The best choice is to go for serums and gel based products which provide the benefits needed by the skin without clogging it with oil.

The fact that aging also causes skin to dry up means that dry skin needs all the help it can get when it comes to anti aging skin creams or lotions. There are great body creams that are especially made to help dry skin to deal with the various signs of aging while providing the necessary moisture it needs. If you have to make a choice for dry skin, go with the lotions as they are more rich and keep your skin moisturized for longer as opposed to body lotions which get absorbed fast into the skin as they are water based and do not provide long lasting relief against dryness without repeat applications.

When it comes to sensitive skin the best anti aging face cream and body lotions to use are those that are specifically created with hypoallergenic ingredients to avoid irritating the skin. Using the wrong creams and body lotions can result in irritated, red and itchy skin. You therefore need to go for products that are as close to natural as possible with no fragrance or artificial preservatives.

Also avoid any products using petroleum derivatives or mineral oil which are notorious for causing clogging on skin ending up in problems such as pimples. Look cream and body creams that include ingredients good for reduction of inflammation on skin such as functional keratin, CoQ10 and witch hazel among others.

Having looked at anti aging face cream and body lotions there is also a need to get the right skin cleanser as well as eye creams and sunscreens. Getting cleansers with anti oxidant ingredients is a great plus as they will provide the added benefit of equipping the skin to fight free radicals that occurs from exposure to pollutants and harmful toxins that we expose our skins to.

Moreover, when it comes to getting the right lotions for eyes we have to consider that the skin around the eye area is quite sensitive and so whatever product we use must not be too heavy as it will only tire the eye skin area and have the opposite effect intended.

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