Do you know how to choose the best sandals or slippers for women according to the shape of your foot? Many times it is not easy to get the right size, model or style; here are some tips to get ladies sandals online that will get you out of doubt.

Sandals for each type of foot

You have to choose the style, the shape, the colors, the size … And many times it is not easy to get the most suitable sandals according to the shape of your feet and according to the occasion when you are going to wear them. Attentive to these tips so that the next time you go shopping you have it clear:

Sandals for long feet: If your feet are long and thin, the best thing to do is to choose sandals that give you proportion and balance. The peep toes, those that show part of the toes, will achieve the effect of one size less, especially if you choose neutral or simple colors. If your feet are also thin, you can also wear the Roman style sandals with lacing at the ankle, you will get your feet to be seen with something more volume.

Sandals for wide feet: If your feet are wide and not too long, the idea is to let them be outdoors the better, so we recommend the models discovered in the instep or undercut. For colors, you can wear neutrals and nudes for the day and opaque with some glitter embellishment for the night. If you choose flat midi heel pieces you will feel comfortable and secure. Here you can see the best models of fashion taco sandals.

Sandals for thick ankles: While your feet have thick or pronounced ankles, opt for the flipflop type that you already know will never go out of fashion, get yourself a model that has ornaments to draw attention in this part and distract it from the ankles. Stay away from Roman-style sandals and laces to the ankle or leg.

For thin ankles: If your case is the opposite and your ankles are thin and thin, do not hesitate and wear lacing models ankle, leg, Roman style … You have hundreds of models, styles, and colors to choose, yes, do not abuse footwear Heel, this will only give you a greater sensation of thinness in that area.

Long legs and thin feet: If you are a tall girl and your feet are long and thin, choose the Roman style sandals with a flat sole or with a minimal heel, you will make your silhouette look stylized and proportionate.

Short legs and short feet: If your case is the opposite and you have some short legs and small feet, do not hesitate and choose wedge sandals, they are comfortable; they are fashionable and will earn you a few extra inches.

And it only remains to say that do not forget to give your personal touch chooses the model you choose.

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