What determines the choice of the company? Of course, the quality of the window! But can we say – that this company is the best, and nothing else? No, because the choice of the company also depends on your individual preferences, demands, wishes and tastes.

PVC windows – the most popular to date. However, before you buy them, you need to learn a few rules.

It argued that profile – the key to the quality of your window , and the rest – only a small part. Give up this opinion. You have to pay attention not only to the profile. Fittings, double glazing, a method of installation of plastic windows and build quality are of equal importance. So.

  • Firstly, assembling. The fact that the materials from which the window is made ​​to have excellent physical characteristics and properties of the materials from which the box is made. Therefore, great importance should be given to connection nodes of the window construction. The node must be designed and located on the wall thickness, to avoid the inner surface of the slope, the frame and sash temperature below + 9. It should also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Windows must be installed only by specialists, otherwise avoid problems.
  • Second, thermal protection. This is one of the most important characteristics. The most optimal three-chambered profile. On it you can find details of each company engaged in PVC windows. But the buyer should be remembered that the internal temperature of the glass should not fall below 15 degrees. The room should be warm (but not hot!) And cool in winter and stifling in summer.
  • Third, pay attention to the sound insulation. Nowadays it is difficult to forget that the window should ensure the silence of the home and office. So pay attention to the thickness of the camera, as well as glass itself. Learn the characteristics of the window.
  • Fourth, leaks. Around the perimeter of the window should be at least two seals. Sealed box will help us to provide the first two points.
  • Fifth, remember about convenience. PVC windows are easy to clean from dirt and dust, do not require painting, as well as opening several ways to provide a lesser or greater airing.

Also do not forget about aesthetics. After all, the window should be not only quality, but also beautiful. Now a huge selection of colors (lamination, decorative films and plates) and shapes, make a selection so as not to get tired to admire on your window.

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