The fences are the most practical option to decorate the exterior of a house, delimit and protect spaces (garden, pool …). The most common and easy to install fences are those of wood. However, you can also find them in metal and PVC.

The fences provide privacy and give style to your outdoor space. They also serve to delimit and protect animal plots.

They can be made of wood, metal, PVC or polypropylene. All are equally easy to install.

If you choose a wooden fence, opt for a model whose wood is treated. It is more resistant to moisture.

Main uses of the fences

  • The fences can serve you for different uses:
  • Fencing and protecting the accesses of a house.
  • Create specific spaces outside a house (children’s play area, a pond, an area for animals …).
  • Decorate the exterior of a house in an elegant way and in harmony with the garden.
  • Offer privacy.

What garden fence can I choose?

Of wood

They are the most common, since they are the easiest to install and are very decorative.

You can find fences of different types of wood (tropical, pine …) visit and in a wide range of shades and designs. Depending on the type of wood and the treatment it has received, the wood will be more or less resistant to weather conditions (humidity, rain, ice, UV rays).

The advisable thing is that you choose a wood treated in autoclave, that needs a maintenance more spaced in the time and that has a useful life of up to 15 years.

If you opt for untreated wood, keep in mind that you should apply a treatment against sunlight and rain. In addition, you should apply a protective bottom or an exterior varnish every year.

Teak oil Teak oil is the most commonly used protector to protect wood from moisture, sun exposure and temperature changes. It also prevents the wood from cracking and becoming grayish.

For the installation of wooden fences, you only need to nail them to the ground through their posts. Make sure that only the posts touch the ground, but over time, the rest of the wood could deteriorate.

If you opt for wooden fences … it is recommended that you choose wood with the FSC seal that certifies that it is a wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.

How to treat wood?

Spread fine sandpaper on the untreated wood and remove dirt and dirt from the surface.

Once polished, apply a layer of protective wood floor and let dry the time indicated by the manufacturer.

After the drying time, apply a varnish with the help of a brush and in the direction of the wood grain.

You have the option of giving your wood a different color or shade with satin, gloss and matte finish products.

Metal fences

They are more resistant and provide greater security. There are different colors; with simple bars or bars with decorative motifs.

  • Its installation requires to be screwed to the ground.
  • You can do periodic maintenance with spray paint.
  • Read the following advice where we show you step by step how to paint the metals in your garden.

PVC fences

They are stronger than wood and more decorative than iron. Its installation is also simple.

Its main advantage is that they do not require maintenance and are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for humid places such as swimming pools. Like metal ones, they are installed screwed to the ground.

Polypropylene fences

Like PVC, polypropylene fences are made of special plastic, which is UV resistant and lightweight. The difference between PVC and polypropylene is that the latter is a cheaper option.

Useful and decorative accessories

You find iron and wood posts terminals with different shapes to give your fence a more personal and personal style.

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