The little one appears to be so cute! No surprises that people would stand up and take notice.  Pregnancy is a time where some positive and negative changes might take place in your body. The positive ones might bring smiles on your face, but the latter would pose you with a negative mind set. Hold on! A better piece of news is that all this are a passing phase and it will reduce once pregnancy is over.

Among all the negative ones, an aspect that would force you to take up things with a pinch of salt is when someone walks up to you and touches your stomach. You are in for a shock and feel as if all courtesy and personal space are no longer present in this world. Totally unknown strangers would walk up to you and commit this sin.

There are various ways by which you can avoid stranger hold your baby

No need to be harsh, be firm but adopt a polite stance.

After all it is your child as others mind thinks they can merely touch hands, feet or legs of your little one. Even the face might grasp you! If it is cause of botheration do speak up! Try an honest approach like I am a little bit concerned about germs, so I would rather prefer to have a look and not touch the baby. Convey this message with a smile as the other person will feel that you are not rude. A feeling would be that you are a protective mother. But still if a stranger continues with the touching be harsh and state” I am not comfortable with anyone touching my baby”

Put the focus back on the baby

You can pass on the blame to the baby by conveying to strangers that your little one does not respond to strangers. They are going to melt down which could be hard to resist if anyone ends up touching your baby. This would put off the strangers and even if they are planning they would back off. No one would want to be the cause of a baby losing things?

Walk away

If a stranger is observing your baby for a long time and wants to touch your little one, turn around the stroller and walk towards an opposite direction. In case if you are at a restaurant place a high chair between you and your husband.  Though this might work better if you are at a booth as it acts as a buffer between a baby and a mother.

Post signs

You can post signs on a stroller that do not touch my baby. Stranger touched my baby’s face would land up in a soup are some comments you can mention. For example netting can be put on a stroller or the back seat of a car which might act as a form of cushion during the summer months. This keeps the hands of the strangers away when you are going out with your baby.

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