There is no doubt that technology has brought tremendous changes in the world. It has made human life a lot easier, things more convenient and complex matters simpler. We are living a better life because of advanced and latest technologies. However, it will be a fair injustice to ignore what technology has done on the other side.

Dark side of technology needs to be discussed with all the issues and problems. The tech companies, social media giants and other firms invest huge amount of money in paid research works. But the independent studies have countered the paid work. For everyone, it is shocking to learn that technology is doing more harm than good. Even the top executive working with Google, Facebook and other companies forbid their children from using phones and social media sites.

The Other Side of Technology

Before we talk about how to deal with the dangerous results and harmful effects of technology, it will be more important to find out these effects. There are many at one point of time.

  • Phone addiction among teens and kids
  • Digital distractions at workplace for the workers
  • Effects on mental health and brain development
  • Excessive use of the internet
  • Spending a huge amount of time on social media sites
  • Bullying, stalking, sexting and other outcomes for teens
  • Security issues and privacy concerns
  • Sharing too many details on social media sites

Internet Addiction

The use of smartphones, devices, gadgets and other devices is not a good choice. It should be restricted to educational, communication and professional work. But we see kids and teens using smartphones 8-10 hours a day. The smartphones have also led to digital distractions at workplace reducing workers; IQ level by 10 points, according to a study done at the Bank of England.

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Smartphone Radiations

Another important people need to understand is how they use the smartphones and social media sites through the internet. Every smartphone emits radiations at a certain level. The radiations emitted are extremely dangerous for human health. Even when you keep the digital devices in your lap, they affect sperm count. People have been getting these radiations for years and they could lead to deadly diseases.

Social Media and Dating Apps

The growing use of social media and dating apps can never be ignored as well. These apps have the worst effects on teens and young kids who spend a huge amount of time on these platforms every single day. Non tech-savvy parents have no idea at all that what their children are doingon these sites and how their ruin their lives. Teens start sexting from the dating sites which ends in form of relationship breakups and broken hearts.

Dealing with Dangerous Technology

In order to deal with the possible dangers of technology and prevent their effects in future, we need to take steps and solid measures at the moment. If it is delayed, it will be too late to recover the losses and damaged incurred. Parents need to be serious in this regard.

Healthy Tech Habits

The first thing everyone should do is to practice healthy tech habits. Like, they should limit their screen time. There should be fixed number of hours everyone should spend with the tech devices, smartphones, computers and gadgets. The lesser the time spent; the better it will be for your health as well as mental fitness.

Educate Your Teens

The second thing is to educate the kids and teens about the possible dangers of technology and how it affects their life. Teens should be provided complete guidance on the use of smartphones, internet and social media apps and sites.

How to Avoid Dangerous Technology Sites to Have a Discipline in Future? 37

Using Parental Control App

The last resort for parents and other users can be the use of a spy app for used for tracking and monitoring purposes. Parents can use them to monitor their kids, a family guardian can use them to protect their family and spouses, an employer can also use them to track live locations of their employees.


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