Standing in 2017, sustainability is no longer a trend; instead, it has come up to be a way of most of the corporate and home environments. The initiative to build greener buildings has kept on rising, and most of the property developments in America have been striving hard to get the LEED certification for both corporate office spaces and even the residential buildings. Those who have been in the industry for quite a few know how people are looking to reduce the carbon footprints without sacrificing the design and the décor of the space.

It is indeed a matter of great relief that both these procedures are not self-contradictory under any circumstances, and hence the interior designers have been keen on finding out the latest trends in sustainable design patterns which can be easily applied to enhance the look of the constructions along with the feel in spite of keeping the environment issue intact.

While discussing some of the latest trends with Scott Jay Abraham, he mentions that the renewable resources are the key to any of the sustainable design. A major section of the materials which are being used while outfitting a space is being either relegated to the floors or the walls. Given the tendency to prefer the sustainable design, most of the people favor the hardwood flooring over the tiles and rest of the artificially made elements that are available in the market. The use of the renewable wood is increasing, and it has gained the popularity of being used even in wall finishing. The bamboo reaches its completely matured stage between three and seven years, whereas most of the commonly used wood can take an average span of two decades to almost a century to be completely harvested.

Apart from wood, cork is even trending as one of the most popular renewable finishing material. Being harvested as the bark from the living cork trees, the extraction of the cork never harms the tree itself. As a result of it, when these corks are being used in several interior decoration purposes, they make it possible to take some of a unique takes on the wall finishing by giving an organic approach to culminate the artistic blend with deliberate refinishing. So a room that has its walls, floors, and even the rooms outfitted with the renewable wooden products gives a positive vibe and delivers an eco-friendly statement to all.

Stretching the wooden connection, it makes enough sense to mention that the use of the reclaimed woods in making the furniture has become highly popular in the past few years, and there are no signs of its slowing down. In most of the households, the tables, chairs, counter tops and desks are being crafted from the reclaimed woods, and the concept looks great in all sorts of spaces. According to Scott Abraham, be it the cottage themed homes, or even the industrially themed lofts, these reclaimed woods fit in everywhere and has the customizing vulnerability to fit in several places.

When the entire world is fighting for saving the environment, why would the households be kept apart? All these eco-friendly sustainable interior designing methods make sure to contribute to saving the planet.

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