If you have been injured by another person’s dog, then you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation. It is the duty of the dog’s owner to keep their pet under control, such as by using a muzzle, and a violence towards humans is in no way tolerated by the authorities. Depending on how severe the attack was, the authorities may even destroy the dog, but this does not change the fact that you have been injured by it.

Dog bite compensation is available to the victims of dog attacks. How long will it take for your dog bite compensation to come through? Claims that are straightforward can be processed in as little as 6-8 weeks so you could have your compensation within a month or two. More complicated claims such as those where there is little evidence can take twice that and sometimes longer. And so, it makes sense to manage your finances throughout the claims process and to remain realistic.

Your solicitor will discuss with you the strength of your claim and how long the claims process should take, based on cases similar to your own they have worked. While all accident claims are different, your solicitor will still be able to provide you with an estimate.

In terms of how much money you could claim, that depends on the extent of your injuries, your recovery period, your prognosis for the future and your loss of income. If you have been bitten on the hand by a dog and you required stitches, then you will be unable to work for at least a few weeks. The compensation you could be awarded under the circumstances is £1,000-£3,000. If you have been more severely injured by a dog, such as if you have been bitten on the neck and face, then you could be owed over £5,000.

A fair and proportionate settlement demand will be made by your solicitor using medical evidence. The extent of your injuries, your recovery period and your prognosis for the future will be ascertained through a medical examination. This will be set up by your solicitor and depending on the nature of your injuries, you may have to attend more than one.

The medical examination will conducted by a consultant specialising in your injuries. A medical report will be created, and this will be given to your solicitor, who will in turn share this with the other side so that they can investigate your claim fully. If all is well, then you should receive your dog bite compensation within around two months. Your solicitor should keep you updated throughout the process, so that you can focus on your recovery.

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