As people grow old, they notice spider veins appearing on their legs, thighs and at times on their faces. These are visible signs of aging that occur because of the individual’s blood vessels that stretch to their maximum limit and form a branching pattern. For women who are conscious of their appearance, removing such veins can go a long way in helping them regain their youthful looks.  Today, cosmetic surgeons employ lasers to treat such blood vessels and remove them from their patients’ skin. These experts explain that laser vein treatments are safe and effective in removing such imperfections in a patient’s skin by closing such veins from their blood source.

Why do women undergo laser vein treatments?

Francine Oca, an aesthetic nurse from Live Gorgeous Orange County, who specializes in non-invasive laser vein treatments says women undergo such procedures for the following reasons:

  • They become conscious when branching veins become visible on their thighs, legs and sometimes their faces. They feel that such imperfections make them appear older than their actual age;
  • Such branching vein patterns make their faces look unattractive and they have to go out of their way to cover them up with excessive make-up; and
  • These women do not want other people to notice their spider veins when they opt to wear shorts, skirts and swim wear.

How does a patient prepare for the treatment?

She goes on to explain that it is important for such patients to be in good health, have a positive mental attitude towards the treatment and have realistic expectations of its outcome. In addition to this, the cosmetic surgeon conducting the procedure will instruct his/her patients to:

  • Stop smoking before opting to undergo this kind of treatment so as to ensure better healing;
  • Avoid taking aspirin, herbal medicine and any anti-inflammatory drugs because it may result in excessive bleeding during the procedure; and
  • It is important for patients undergoing such treatments to drink plenty of water and fluids to ensure a safe recovery.

How does this treatment work?

This professional aesthetic nurse says a laser punctures the patient’s skin and breaks through the surface of the blood vessel. The heat that the laser generates solidifies blood inside this vessel causing it to crumple and seal. Within a few weeks, this vessel will disappear and the scavenging cells in the patient’s body will remove all traces of the blood. She also clarifies that the latest laser treatments such as AccuVein AV300 delivers a precise amount of energy to each blood vessel. These procedures do not damages the nearby structures in the body or cause any undue discomfort to the patients.

Francine Oca goes on to state that laser vein treatments has fewer side effects and a faster recovery period in comparison with other similar cosmetic procedures. In addition to this, the method is more effective and less painful for the patients when it comes to removing spider veins. However, it is essential for all women who intend to opt for such treatments to pay adequate attention to instructions their cosmetic surgeons give them undergoing the procedure.



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