Lately, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been making a lot of noise in the technological sector. Many see it as the new upcoming technology, and truly it is. With applications in various real fields, AI will be playing part in many key sectors in the upcoming decade. With refined applications in housing, hospitality, real estate and social gatherings, AI is already starting to capture market share.

Even today’s hotels are using AI to refine your travel experience-AI hospitality, as it is called in today’s world. Today’s smartphones are already equipped with various built-in AI to assist the users. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have already taught the people how to interact with an AI, and hotels are using the same approach to make your stay more comfortable in their hotels.

Real World Applications

Many leading Las Vegas hotels have employed a Digital Concierge, an AI-powered bot that greets visitors as they enter the hotel lobby. The digital bot guides arriving guests to their respective rooms, while greeting them in their native language. The ability of the bot to interact in various languages is astounding, as it supports more than 10 languages, including English, Spanish, and French. Artificial Intelligence Hospitality Industry aims to make its customers travel better and more efficient at better efficiency.

Many hotels around the globe have employed this same technological advancement, as it helps them reduce the human task force. The bots are very efficient, and important data such as time of arrival of the customer, room number, etc. are already generated and stored by the bot. By combining AI with cloud computing, one can view this data over the internet, so the supervising staff doesn’t have to be near the bot.

The bots are also self-learning, so with every interaction, it learns. The ability of the bot to learn from its mistakes is fast, so the bot rarely commits a mistake. Most of these digital concierges use a database for their customers, which are already linked to a travel website. So when you visit the hotel, the concierge knows all about your past travel experiences(through your reviews) and knows whether you like summers or winters more.

AI hospitality also uses deep data analysis to help their arriving customers. If you are there for a two-day visit, the bot will make the best plans so you can fully maximize your stay. It takes into accounts various factors such as weather, traffic national holidays, etc., so you don’t visit a zoo when it is closed.

Why AI is better?

There are many factors that make Artificial Intelligence Hospitality Industry a good match.

  1. Efficient- The AI bots are very efficient. Even various websites that use AI can help their customers design the best packages according to their budget and time limit. Chatbots are now quite common on various websites.
  2. Strong Base- Many concierge bots and chatbots use Watson AI. Watson AI is provided by IBM, which is applauded for its class accuracy and superior computing power.

In the coming years, it will be interesting to see how the hospitality industry embraces this new technological change, and how many human jobs it replaces.

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