Being someone who has been diagnosed with gynecomastia is not easy. Enlarged breasts in men can be a cause for a lot of embarrassment and bad health. Sometimes, medicines can provide a cure but most times surgery may be the only option left. The good news is that finding the best gynecomastia doctors in Los Angeles is not difficult. One however has to keep in mind a few things.

Board certification is mandatory

It is extremely important to choose a surgeon who has been board certified to perform gynecomastia surgery for the reduction of male breasts. This is a special branch of cosmetic surgery and the best surgeons are the ones who have been approved by the board to practice their knowledge.

Checking before and after photos

This is a crucial part of deciding whether the surgeon one is thinking of choosing is a good and trustworthy one. Seeing the before and after photos of the patients of the surgeon is a good way of finding out whether the professional has great aesthetic sensibilities. A big part of this surgery is cosmetic and therefore one should try to find a surgeon whose aesthetic sensibilities match their own. Getting to see as many before and after photos as possible is an important part of the discovery of a great surgeon. A point to keep in mind is that in a practice that has more than one doctor practicing their craft, one may be shown before and after photos that may not have been done by the same surgeon. It is best to ask directly only for before and after photos of the surgeon one is planning to use. There is no better way to evaluate how good the professional is.

Hospital privileges

Something that most patients don’t think of knowing beforehand is what kind of hospital services they will be offered. This is a surgery that will need overnight stay and one can assume that the hospital where it will be performed will be able to arrange it. Whatever it is, knowing whether the surgeon has hospital privileges beforehand is a step in the right direction. It is important to understand that hospitals will typically provide privileges to surgeons who are certified and have a good track record. This is another way of knowing that one has found a gem of a surgeon.


Experience matters a lot in surgery and it matters more in cosmetic surgery. It is best to choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience. It is preferable that a surgeon who typically has done many gynecomastia surgeries in his lifetime. This is because this is a surgical procedure that the more one does, the better one becomes at it. That is why care should be taken to find out the real experience of the surgeon in this type of procedure.

Finding gynecomastia doctors in Los Angeles is not difficult as long as one is careful about the few above things.

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