While interacting with potential or new customers, a question posed to them what are the benefits of bulk voice SMS. This is when they compare it to other marketing modules. Till now a general perception in terms of benefits was speed along with cost effectiveness. But on a recent survey customers had a different point of view as far as SMS marketing evolved. Let us go through them as follows

Open rates

Nearly 98 % of all messages send over to a receiver is read within a mere 5 seconds. This figure might not send alarming bells ringing, but in comparison to a 20 % open rate of email marketing it is worth a billion. Taking into consideration that even those 20 % of emails are opened in a time frame of 48 hours. In case if you are looking for your marketing message to be seen by a major chunk of audience each time then stick to SMS authentication.

Flexibility and speed

Any business needs to be fluid in order to react as per trends of modern markets. To the ever changing marketing conditions adaptability along with flexibility are key features. In SMS marketing waiting time is virtually zero campaigns can be formulated and delivered to an intended audience in just a matter of few seconds. You can drive footfall on a slow day or to clear up your pending stocks. Bulk SMS services would force a client to respond immediately if an offer is hard to rest.

Cost effective with higher ROI

TV or newspapers that are traditional forms of advertising are a strict no too small or medium sized business houses. With bulk SMS cost of setting up is lower with running costs being on the smaller level. This signifies that launching of a SMS campaign is relatively cheaper when you compare it to a paper or TV ad. For a mere $ 30 you can get in touch with 1000 customers at a single go.  Now the question is where you can find a marketing campaign which offers such immense benefits.

Highly targeted

There were days where marketing managers or organizations send out messages more in terms of hope. They felt that they would touch upon their intended target base. For an organization with an eye on costs it is necessary that their intended message needs to be targeted oriented as far as possible.

Any person who receives a marketing message would already been having a relationship with you and might have agreed to receive messages from your end. This means that these are your existing customers along with a campaign to drive in more clients. Anyone would agree it is 5 times easier in selling to an existing customer rather than acquiring a new customer.

To conclude via SMS you can personalize your messages. This gives a sense of belonging to a customer that they are part of a company. Based on the age and demographics you can alter a message.

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