If you ask some people about what they do when they drain their brain, nearly half of them would say that they take nootropics. Nootropics, or which are commonly known as smart drugs, help in powering up the function of the brain.

Enhancing mental performance is difficult when not using supplements. This is why nootropics are here to bring out answers to such delight. One kind of nootropic which is used by thousands of people is Modafinil.

Modafinil as a Wakefulness-Promoting Agent

Modafinil is a mighty stimulant and wakefulness medication. It is used to treat narcolepsy and prevent sleepiness. But there are more things it can do, such as:

o   It improves mood.

o   It reduces fatigue.

o   It increases motivation.

o   It offers better memory.

o   It boosts reaction time.

o   It enhances mental alertness.

How Modafinil Works

With a good modafinil order, a lot of beautiful things can be done with it. The drug’s effects are truly impressive. It works with:

o   Histamine 

Histamine regulates wake and sleep cycle. It is with its action that raises the levels of histamine which then contributes to both alertness and wakefulness. 

o   Dopamine 

This is a vital neurotransmitter which is associated with the stimuli. What it does is it helps in improving mood, focus, and motivation. 

o   Orexin 

Orexin is located in the brain’s hypothalamus. It is responsible for the regulation of arousal, wakefulness, and even with appetite. When orexin is stimulated, it boosts the production of histamine and some other crucial neurotransmitters which work with alertness. 

o   Glutamate 

Glutamate is the principal excitatory neurotransmitter. It plays a vital role in a person’s cognitive function as it increases focus and brain plasticity. 

o   Norepinephrine

Taking Modafinil helps in increasing norepinephrine. This is a known stimulant neurotransmitter which promotes wakefulness.

The Legality of Modafinil 

A lot of individuals are asking, “is modafinil legal in india?”. The answer to that is yes. It is legal to purchase the nootropic in India even if you do not have a prescription. Although the drug is not regulated in India and some other countries, when they land in the United States, then they may be confiscated. With this, it is necessary for overseas pharmacies to consult local authorities to know what requirements are needed in importing the drug.

The Prescribed Dosage 

When it comes to treating narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, it is good to take 100-200mg of Modafinil. For shift work disorder, the drug can be taken in 200 mg.

For problems that are not related to sleepiness such as ADHD, daily dose here ranges from 100-200 mg. Such dosage also includes addition, fatigue sclerosis, and mood disorder.

As for the drug’s maximum dosage, 400 mg is the one recognized here. Such dose might provide impressive results but it might increase the possibility of side effects.

The Bottom Line 

If you are looking for a drug which can help your excessive sleepiness, then you will never be wrong with Modafinil. Many are now using it to help them find energy in doing their daily tasks, particularly towards those who are experiencing narcolepsy. But of course, take only the dosage which works for you. You must not consume an excessive amount of the drug as it might lead to possible adverse effects. Try reading the next page for more information.

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