Pregnancy and Family

Family is the first and foremost thing for everybody to survive. Family only gets completed with the arrival of baby. A baby brings a lot of joy and happiness in this world. First smile of a baby, first cry, first yawning and different activities of a baby is very much pure to its best. This purity and happiness is very much required for every human being. But at the backdrop of this happiness lies immense pain and problems that are solely experienced by the mother as well as the family at large. This phase is the life of a woman lies for as long as 9 months, until the child dwelling in the mother’s womb gets delivered to see the first life of this universe. Mother’s physical as well as mental being undergoes immense changes and alterations during this time. These changes are very much pregnancy specific. One of the main changes that occurs during this phase is the immense rise of concentration of hormones in the lady’s body. This concentration regulates the body of the woman in a very delicate way that a woman has to deal with utmost care.

Changes in Pregnancy

Structural changes in the body of the woman are very much eminent. Due to this hormonal imbalance different sets of changes appears and this changes are very much required as well as they can cause a lot of problems also. Some of the examples of these changes are that the mammary gland of a woman gets enlarged due to the secretion of high level of lactating hormones, the uterus starts to enlarge with the growth of the baby, just to provide a safe place that allows the baby to grow and develop with utmost freedom, the uterus starts to crave just because of the presence of hormones that causes a cramping sensation which embarks a lot of useful information’s that has a lot of important significance, labor pain occurs at the end of gestation phase embarking the full growth of the baby and also determines that the baby is set to get delivered, the level of pH in pregnancy also fluctuates in the higher amount.

The Role of pH in the body

pH is called as the measure of acidity as well alkalinity in the body. pH is an essential part to maintain the proper homeostasis in the body. A pH is measured on a scale of 14, where 1 to 7 determines the range of acidity and the rest that is from 7-14 determines the range of alkalinity. However human body always requires an optimum condition for the regulation of the bodily functions, be it temperature or pH. Maintaining that optimum condition rule the pH of the body is also maintained at a range of about 7.4, that neither acidic nor alkaline.

High Level of pH

The level of high pH in pregnancy can cause a lot of trouble for the mother as well as for the baby too. During pregnancy the body becomes further more delicate than ever. Any change in the pH can directly cause massive problem in the circulatory system of the baby.

To maintain a Proper Lifestyle

Hygienic living, healthy food, clean water etc. can be very useful for maintaining optimum pH condition as well as many other problems that arise during pregnancy.

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