A Dangerous Party

When you’re young, it’s easy to ignore warning signs. You feel healthy, your body is strong, and you’re having the time of your life. Alcohol is something you have tried and found pleasant, especially when partying. However, one of your friends or one of the party-goers brings in something new to try. You may not, at first, recognize the powder or pill. They assure you that you’ll be fine. That the drug only enhances your senses and makes the party all the more exciting. So, you decide to give it a go. What is one time, after all?

Unknowingly, you have taken Molly or ecstasy. The potent effects can be enjoyable for the mind. However, as with any drug, there are cautions that you should consider. For one, while Molly and ecstasy are not, themselves, addictive, it is possible to generate a psychological dependence upon them. If you have a really good time at the party while on Molly or ecstasy, you may start to think that in order to have any fun at all, you need to continue in its use. This leads down a slippery slope to addiction and the next thing you know, you’re looking for ectasy drug addiction rehab.

The Dangers

Because the drugs, themselves, are not addictive, you may think they’re safe to use. However, dangers of ectasy abuse are just as real as using cocaine or any other potent drug. For one, ecstasy itself is not a pure drug. It can often be mixed with other drugs like meth or cocaine. So, when you think you’re merely taking a simple drug to intensify your senses, you may actually be taking something else, too. This something else could be what ends up getting you hooked. Because it’s not always in ecstasy either, your brain will crave the use of ecstasy more and more until it receives that next dose.

The actual use of the drug presents problems as well. Molly, for example, can make you extremely dehydrated. At a party, where the temperature is usually hot already due to all of the moving bodies, you can become even more dehydrated. While you may attempt to drink some water, the drug actually keeps you from feeling as though your thirst is slaked. There have even been unfortunate cases where people have drowned themselves or poisoned their bodies from over drinking water. So, the drug is not as innocent as many may seem to try to present it as.

Longer and frequent use of Molly and ecstasy do have an effect on your brain. Because it plays with the chemistry of positive feelings, the drug basically stops production of naturally occurring serotonin and other molecules that are designed to stimulate the pleasure sensors of your brain. In its absence, you feel as though you can’t be happy without the drug producing those molecules for you. This is also where addiction can settle in and make itself at home. You’re pulled into a vicious cycle where you take Molly or ecstasy to receive those positive feelings, but in so doing, you keep your brain from healing and being able to produce those feelings naturally.

The Treatment

At this stage, if you feel that you have a dependency to Molly or ecstasy, then you need help. Breathe Life Healing Centers can be that help. They have a program specifically designed to treat both the physical and psychological dependence of Molly and ecstasy. They understand how it works with your brain and the withdrawal symptoms you’re going to experience while you detox.

The first step of the process that Breathe will assist you with is the detox. As with most rehab programs, your body first has to get rid of all the chemicals within it. Once your body has purged itself of them, Breathe will work with you in therapy to build up good behaviors and habits. They’ll also help reinforce that a good time doesn’t need to include drugs of any sort. They push for your independence and choice but help you to understand what a healthy environment looks like.

To start your life clear-minded and healthy, give Beathe Life Healing a chance to help you. There’s no excuse for not setting Molly and ecstasy aside and living a fun, sober, lifestyle and a healthy life.

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