There are many factors that lead to truck accidents, ranging from bad roads to faulty vehicles, to mistakes made on the part of the driver and so on. Often the blame is automatically placed on the truck driver, but people fail to take note of other factors – especially the case of faulty and unsafe vehicles being used by trucking companies.

Some trucking companies ignore some safety measures they should take concerning the condition of their truck and its drivers. Sometimes these trucks fall short of safety checks, but the companies allow drivers to still drive them, which can result in some devastating consequences.

In the words of Greg Baumgartner, a Houston 18 wheel truck accident lawyer, if a crash occurs due to negligence by a trucking company by failing to adhere to safety regulations, the company should be held responsible for the resulting consequences.

Legally, trucking companies have responsibilities with regards to their trucks and their drivers. First of all, they have the responsibility of ensuring that every truck driver is trained, qualified and fit enough to drive the trucks they are assigned to. The company also has the responsibility to ensure that a driver does not exceed the stipulated number of hours he should drive each day. The company must also keep record books of every driver’s details as well as the state of their trucks at the end of every shift so as to attend to any fault that may have occurred in the course of a trip. Failure to do any of these is punishable by the law and the trucking company will be held responsible for any violations made either by them or by their drivers upon their command.

When an accident takes place, there are possibilities of many violations on the part of the truck company, but they might not be easily detected unless proper investigation is carried out. Such investigation will involve checking the driver’s qualifications, the condition of the truck as well as other documents for possible falsification. Of course, the trucking companies would definitely look for ways to cover up for their faults when this occurs, so the best way to catch them in the wrong is to get an attorney with experience in these issues to aid you in the investigation.

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