Children are regarded as the future of the society. Every child has enormous possibilities in them and with proper care and guidance can excel in any field. But not every child gets every facility and comfort since their birth. In the continent of Asia, the problem of child trafficking and child labor dooms the bright future of countless children. These children cannot pursue education and forced to indulge in various forms of strenuous tasks. Children belonging to the age group of 5 to 14 are used in various fields, from manufacturing to other illicit activities.

According to one survey, there are more than 100 million of children forced into labor in the Asian continent itself. This child labor forces them to discard all their aspirations and engage into work. Sometimes poverty forces these children to take up paltry laborious jobs while sometimes they fall victims to child trafficking and then they are compelled in various profession. Child labor is not only hazardous for these innocent souls physically but they also take a massive toll on their mental and emotional well being. They are forced to work in substandard working conditions without or with minimal payment. They are deprived from education- a fundamental right for every children.

Gospel For Asia

In this critical situation, few organizations are working consistently to save these children from child trafficking and by bringing them to lead a normal life. Gospel For Asia is such a christian non-governmental organization which works and prevents the rise of child labor in the whole continent. Gospel For Asia was founded in the year 1978 with the mission to reach all the people living in this continent with the message of love, humanity and assistance. It disseminates the voice of Jesus Christ, the son of God and spreads the message of brotherhood, peace, faith and good conduct. It provides its assistance and care to the people who are poor, homeless and those who are victims of disaster. In the situations of crisis, they provide shelter, food and clothing to the victims and poor people.

There are thousands of children who also become the victims of these natural calamities. Gospel For Asia pioneers to give these children a new opportunity along with the rescued boys and girls from child labor. It has a special program called Bridge of Hope which is designed to give all these children a completely new life. It introduces them to the love of God as they were victims of extreme physical and mental torture. The messages and life of Jesus Christ inspire and encourage these small and innocent souls. Along with it, all these aspiring hearts get quality education, books and uniform. They are also provided with health care and a daily meal full of nutrients.

Child labor is one of the most important issues that bothers the whole world. To eradicate it completely from the society, a comprehensive effort is required. Organizations like Gospel For Asia are working consistently to make the world a better place from these small children where they can chase their dreams without any barriers.

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